Email 02/13/2020: MN February Update

On Saturday, February 15th 2020, an update will be posted to all SpEd Forms sites. The update will include the changes listed below:

1. The dropdowns for the Minnesota Test of Academic Skills (MTAS Accommodations and General Supports) have been updated.
(Source: Diane McCarron, SpEd Forms #42893)

1. “Needed Medical and Other Services” has been added to the IFSP validation process.
(Source: David Thomas, White Bear Lake Area School District #41199)

1. Wording on the Parent/Student Rights form has been updated, a new checkbox has been added to the Notice of Discontinuation form and step 2 (a) has been revised on the Manifestation Determination form.
(Source: Angela Bunnell, Rum River Special Education Coop #40628)

1. SpEd Forms Criteria for Deaf-Blind has been updated.
(Source: Gary Lewis, SpEd Forms #42766)
2. “Developmental Profile 3” and “Devereux Early Childhood Assessment” tests have been added for use.
(Source: Diane McCarron, SpEd Forms #42617)

Other Forms
1. Start and End Times have been added to the Emergency Health/Transportation Information (2019) form. Gender has also been added to this form.
(Source: Sally Wulf, Westonka Public Schools #41464)
(Source: Steph Betley, Shakopee Public Schools #42885)
2. A Procedure drop down has been added to the Use of Restrictive Procedures: Physical Holding form. Administrators can add options to this dropdown for use.
(Source: Kandice Voigt, Benton Stearns Education Programs #42575)
3. There will now be a Parent/Guardian section available in the ECSE COSF team list.
(Source: Katie Mikla, Hastings Public Schools #41292)
4. The Parent/Guardian section will also be available on the IFSP Team Members page.
(Source: Sue Scully, Shakopee Public Schools #42719)

1. An “Emergency Health/Transportation Email” field has been added to the school setup page. There is also a preference on this same page, titled “send an email to the ‘Emergency Health/Transportation Email’ when the ‘Emergency Health/Transportation Information (2019)’ form is finalized.” When there is at least one email address listed and the checkbox for the preference is checked, the email address will receive an automatic email from SpEd Forms when a student’s Emergency Health/Transportation Information (2019) form has been finalized. This is meant to get transportation information to the correct transportation department.
(Source: Duane Woeste, North St. Paul-Maplewood-Oakdale ISD #40011)
2. An admin preference titled “Do not automatically finalize the IEP Snapshot when the IEP is finalized” has been added.
(Source: Whitney Swenson, Prior Lake-Savage Area Schools #40932)
3. The ability to add a tertiary disability has been added. There is also an accompanying admin preference to turn this off.
(Source: Laura Odland, Willmar Public Schools #41010)

1. “Revocation of Consent” has been added to the available blank forms in pdf format.
(Source: Jennifer Clausen, Owatonna Public Schools #42699)


1. “My evaluations” has been removed under Educator Reports due to the availability of the Assessment Tracker.