Telemedicine Information

Dear MA Forms users:

Today DHS announced that they have removed GT as a required modifier for telemedicine. SpEd Forms has confirmed with DHS that sending the modifier will not be a cause for denying the claim. At this time we will continue to use the GT modifier as all other telemedicine requirements must still be met. This will allow providers to log as they have been previously without any disruption to their current process. Selecting the telemedicine option with the GT modifier is what allows the provider to enter the mode and provider/student location, which is still necessary for teletherapy documentation.

Earlier this month DHS also indicated that any district that has never billed for teletherapy should complete the new Telephonic Statement of Assurance and have eliminated the requirement of the place of service of “02”. When completing a telemedicine log in MA Forms, the place of service defaults to “02”. New providers creating a telemedicine log for the first time can simply edit this to home or school as needed.

For more information about telemedicine changes due to the COVID pandemic and to find the new Telephonic Statement of Assurance you can go here:

SpEd Forms will continue to monitor the requirements set forth by the Department of Human Services and make any updates to the documentation or billing process as necessary. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.