Email 04/30/2020: MN May Update

On Saturday, May 2nd 2020, an update will be posted to all Minnesota SpEd Forms sites. The update will include the changes listed below:

1. Text editor formatting tools have been added to the Additional Information page of the IEP.
(Source: Carole Pankow, So St. Paul Public Schools #43316)
2. The MTAS section of Assessments Page 1 has been added to IEP validation.
(Source: Whitney Swenson, Prior Lake-Savage Schools #43255)

1. Drop downs have been added to the LRE and Method of Service Delivery sections of the IDLP.
(Source: Jennifer Davie, Eastern Carver County Schools #43454)
2. The initials section at the bottom of the Notice of a Team Meeting form is now editable.
(Source: Rose Krick, Alexandria Public Schools #43170)
3. Editing the Materials and Procedures section will now be done on the form, no longer in a pop up window.
(Source: Ivy Jorgenson, Lake Agassiz Education Cooperative #43263)
4. Both the Evaluation/Reevaluation Plan Prior Written Notice (Fall 2019) and Prior Written Notice/Consent Part B will have updated language if the student is 18+years old.
(Source: Katlyn Grover, Minnesota Valley Education District #42604)

1. A new quick report titled “Eval PWN Due Dates” has been added.
(Source: Heather Guzik, St. Croix River Education District #43125)
2. “MA – Psychology” has been added to the available MA quick reports.
(Source: Michelle Lorinser, Minnetonka Public Schools #43503)
3. The Access log search report has been moved under administrative SpEd Forms reports and will now be visible to Cooperative and District administrators as well.
(Source: Kelli Byrnes, SpEd Forms #43525)
4. The ESY Services form finalization date has been added to the following quick reports: ESY Services, ESY Students (only ESY checked Yes) and ESY students including More Data Needed.
(Source: Jennifer Davie, Eastern Carver County Schools #43477)
5. IDLP Services has been added as an option in the service type drop down on the Admin Services report.
(Source: Diane McCarron, SpEd Forms #DE-390)

1. Character limits have been increased to 1,000 for all drop downs.
(Source: Nicole Woodward, St. Croix River Education District #39585)
2. The student address section has been updated in the Student Setup screen.
(Source: Mark Oehrlein, SpEd Forms #43133)

Educator Student List
1. Quick links to Attendance and Service Logs have been added under Other Forms.
(Source: Patricia Sullivan, Moorhead Area Public Schools #43418)
(Source: Kelly Cool, Edina Public Schools #43534)

1. A video with instructions on how to set up Instructional Day calendars has been added to our website. You can find that here: