SpEd Forms Now Certified by Wisconsin DPI

SpEd Forms is proud to announce that we are officially certified by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction for use in WI districts! This means that our software meets the DPI compliance and reporting standards for special education documentation.  

SpEd Forms has also met DPI criteria to be a Certified Vendor. This allows schools to electronically transfer special education data from SpEd Forms to DPI without having to upload or rekey the data into their student information system, saving time and reducing the errors that can occur during data re-entry.

What does this mean for Wisconsin SpEd Forms users? 
New and returning customers can be assured that our products meet all DPI standards. You shouldn’t encounter any issues with data mismatches or form inconsistencies. 

Why do some forms look different than the DPI recommended forms?
SpEd Forms contains all the data elements required by the DPI. However, we’ve made several “non-substantive changes” that ultimately increase both readability for parents and ease of use for teachers. For example: Several DPI model forms include instructions on how they are to be correctly completed. While these instructions are helpful for users completing the forms, they are a distraction for parents trying to read and comprehend due process paperwork, so we’ve removed those instructions when forms are printed. In addition, lengthy checklists have been changed to drop-down menus and only those items selected are printed.

Are you a Wisconsin special education administrator? Still not using SpEd Forms to streamline your data submission process and recoup even more funds from third-party MA billing? If so, what are you waiting for? Visit our website or reach out to us for more information on how to start saving time and money with SpEd Forms.