MA Forms November Updates

Hello SpEd Forms customers! Here are a few updates from Tonia Czech, our Third Party Billing Specialist.

The MN Department of Human Services held fall IEP training sessions over the last month. They presented the total revenue for Minnesota schools from fiscal years 2016 to 2020. Up until FY18 there had been steady growth in total billing. However, from FY18 to FY19, revenue declined by about 9%. Then, from FY19 to FY20, revenue declined by nearly 40%.  

Please note that the amounts are not final for FY19 and FY20 yet. DHS is currently reprocessing FY19 claims according to the final rates established in September. FY20 may also still have claims that schools are waiting to submit once they have been approved for telemedicine or telephonic services.  

This is a reason DHS is still paying the additional 6.2% in federal participation percentage during the pandemic. On October 1st, the Trump administration announced a phase 3 plan and $20 in new provider relief funding. The deadline to apply was November 6th, but with each phase the deadlines have been extended, so you may want to check the Health and Human Services Coronavirus CARES Act page for further information on any extensions:

Past and future revenue was required data in the CARES funding application. It’s also a question we frequently receive from our MA Billing coordinators. Many want to know where to find a report that can help their business manager estimate next year’s revenue. School Medicaid revenue is difficult to estimate in normal times and next to impossible during a pandemic. We worked with schools to show them how to use Reconciliation and Total Amounts Paid MA Forms reports to find the numbers to complete the application for their business managers.

Additionally, don’t forget that the Special Education Data Reporting Application (SEDRA) system will close for FY20 on November 30th.  Although the IEP Services Annual Data Report Form (DHS-5052) for FY20 is not due until July 5th 2021, consider using SEDRA now to inform business managers of costs that need to be included. This could prevent large recoupment balances next year.

Finally, our “Thursdays at Three” office hours have been well-received. Thank you to everyone who has attended so far! The December 3rd session will focus on DHS settle-up. For each session, we begin with a brief presentation about our topic for that day. Then, we open up the floor for questions. Customers also share how they use SpEd Forms and/or MA Forms to accomplish their tasks and goals. We have consistently been having over 50 attendees for each session, so you’re sure to hear something new and interesting from your colleagues! 

To register for Thursdays at Three, visit this link:
*Note: We will be taking a break on 11/26 for the Thanksgiving holiday.