MN December Update

On Saturday, December 5th 2020, an update will be posted to all Minnesota SpEd Forms sites. The update will include the changes listed below:

1. A delete button has been added to the Progress Report for administrators only. This will allow empty progress boxes to be removed if needed.
(Source: Michael Buswell, SpEd Forms DE-984)
2. Gender will no longer appear on the printed IEP to alleviate any issues with students who identify differently.
(Source: Noreen Foster, Indigo Education #44838)

1. The MA Parental Consent form can now be finalized.
(Source: Karrie Taylor, Detroit Lakes Public School District #43840)
2. Criteria of “Eligible” has been added to the reconciliation report.
(Source: Cheryl Hince, Independent School District 192 #44102)
3. Increased the character limit on the Comment text on the MA student billing setup.
(Source: Dennie Barnier, Detroit Lakes Public School District #45181)

1. The Contingency Learning Plan is now available in Spanish, Hmong and Somali languages making it easier for districts who serve students with disabilities whose parents speak these languages to give informed consent.
(Source: SpEd Forms, #DE-878)
2. Checkboxes titled “No changes needed for hybrid learning” and “Changes needed for hybrid learning listed below” have been added to the Special Education and Related Services sections of both Scenarios 2 and 3 .This is to help make the plan clearer to parents and teachers.
(Source: Kandice Voigt, Benton Stearns Education Programs #44177)

Other Forms
1. The text editor has been added to all fields of the Stand-alone Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA).
(Source: Nicole Takle, Elk River Area Schools #45297)
2. “Another option considered was to do a comprehensive evaluation, however, it was decided that we only needed to look at the specific behaviors at this time.” has been added to dropdown #76 on the Evaluation/Reevaluation Plan Prior Written Notice form.
(Source: Sarah Mittelstadt, Southern Plains Education Cooperative #45193)
3. Both Parent/Guardians will now show on the top of the Authorization for Release of Information form.
(Source: Leigh Ann Feily, Edina Public Schools #45120)

1. The MA “Total Amount Paid” report has been updated to reflect the additional 6.2% increase in federal share for claims paid after January 7th, 2021.
(Source: Kerri Whitney, Eastern Carver County Schools #45078)

Student Setup
1. A field for a student’s preferred name has been added to Student Setup out of respect to students who go by a name that is different from their legal name.
(Source: Debra Peterson, Mankato Area Public Schools #45021)
2. The Native Language dropdown has been arranged in a more logical manner. Any duplicate values were also removed.
(Source: Konnie Beck, ISD 518 #45355)

1. A question has been added to the support request system asking which version of the program you are using to help pinpoint issues (v 1.0 or v 2.0.). The questions in the support request system should be answered as thoroughly as possible so we are able to help you faster.
(Source: Shane Dennis, SpEd Forms #DE-993)

Because “2020” has become synonymous with negativity, SpEd Forms has renamed its new version. The version formerly known as SpEd Forms 2020 has been renamed SpEd Forms 2.0. The original version will be referred to as SpEd Forms 1.0.