SpEd Forms v 2.0

Dear SpEd Forms Customers,

SpEd Forms would like to announce the renaming of our updated version from “SpEd Forms 2020” to “SpEd Forms v 2.0.” 

When we first created the name “SpEd Forms 2020” in 2019, the challenges to come this year were almost unimaginable. Now, after this long and difficult year has nearly passed, we are ready to put it behind us and look to the future. That’s why we’re changing the version to “SpEd Forms v 2.0.” 

To learn more about SpEd Forms v 2.0, read our earlier blog post here: https://spedforms.com/sped-forms-updated-interface-now-live/

Let’s begin the new year together with a fresh start and a positive outlook. As the holiday season approaches, we wish you safety, warmth, and happiness.