MN January Update

On Saturday, January 16th 2021, an update will be posted to all Minnesota SpEd Forms sites. The update will include the changes listed below:

1. Fractions/Decimals goals and objectives have been added under the Math category.
(Source: Gary Lewis, SpEd Forms #DE-1067)

1. A message has been added when a user tries to navigate to a different service plan from the 504 Forms menu.
(Source: Shane Dennis, SpEd Forms #DE-899)
2. A 504 Contingency Learning Plan form has been added for use.
(Source: Diane McCarron, SpEd Forms #DE-1079)

1. Added column header sort link on the administrative services setup page and placed disabled services at the bottom of the page.
(Source: Marilyn Hellweg, SouthWest Metro Intermediate District #43343)
2. Made a change to allow the same start and disabled date on the ICD-10 code setup to not cause an error on the activity log or 837 batch file.
(Source: Shilo Morlang, Duluth #44878)
3. When adding ICD-10 codes the service will only pull from active services for that district.
(Source: Shilo Morlang, Duluth #45133)
4. Added an option to mark a claim “Incomplete” until the provider has completed all documentation to bill the claim.
(Source: Linda Potts, Independent School District 199 #45214)

1. The Primary Disability and Team Membership page has been updated so that the secondary and tertiary disability is consistent with the drop downs used on the student setup.
(Source: Samantha Clark, Hiawatha Valley Education District #45044)
2. Added the Developmental Assessment of Young Children – 2nd Edition test for use.
(Source: Emily Rudolph, Hibbing Public Schools #DE-1117)

Other Forms
1. A new form titled Notice of Agreement that a 3 Year Reevaluation is Not Needed is available. It is off by default and will need to be turned on in preferences by an administrator.
(Source: Diane McCarron, SpEd Forms #DE-1078)
2. A link to the IEP/IFSP services grid has been added to the Attendance entry page. This will make it more efficient for users to check the dosage included on the service grid to avoid over or under reporting of direct or indirect service minutes.
(Source: Linda Wharram, Meeker and Wright Special Education Cooperative #44956).
3. The Stand-alone Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) has been removed from the IFSP menu. Functional Behavioral Assessments apply to students served under Part B of IDEA and are not included within Part C.
(Source: Lisa Backer, SpEd Forms #45351)
4. The Additional Factors dropdown list on the Evaluation/Reevaluation Plan Prior Written Notice has been updated.
(Source: Whitney Swenson, Prior Lake-Savage Area Schools #45478)
5. The EDHI Information form on the COSF menu has been updated to comply with questions from MDE. The revised EDHI data screens should make it much easier for providers working with young children with hearing loss to capture all of the data MDE expects to be reported as these young children exit Part C or Preschool Special Education.
(Source: Janelle Ortiz, Sherburne and Northern Wright Special Ed. Coop #45517)

1. The provider name has been added to the “MA – Psychology” quick report.
(Source: Michelle Lorinser, Minnetonka Public Schools #45560)
2. A new admin quick report titled “Transfer requests made to an import account” is available.
(Source: Kyle Erickson, Northwest Regional Inter-District Council #45576)
3. The school name has been added to the “IEP Plan Specifications- Due Dates” quick report.
(Source: Amy Peterson, Elk River Area Schools #45782)

Educator Setup
1. Addressing information has been added to the Educator Setup screen.
(Source: Michael Buswell, SpEd Forms #DE-917)
2. Updated all instances of 2000 and 2020 to now say version 1.0 and 2.0.
(Source: Kelli Byrnes, SpEd Forms #DE-1062)
3. The Eval/Assessment Tools entry in Educator Setup has been converted to 2.0.
(Source: Shane Dennis, SpEd Forms #DE-1103)

1. Cooperative administrators will now be able to create form letters that are visible to only districts under their cooperative.
(Source: Kori Ryan, Indigo Education #DE-1028)
2. “Commonly used procedures and materials” is now titled “Eval/Assessment Tools”.
(Source: Michael Buswell, SpEd Forms #DE-1053)
3. In all team member lists, Regular Education Teacher will now be listed as General Education Teacher.
(Source: Eric Kvale, Bemidji Regional Interdistrict Council #45014)
4. References to a child’s birth date have been made standard across the program to “birth date” instead of “date of birth” or “birthdate” or any other variation.
(Source: Mark Oehrlein, SpEd Forms #45455)
5. Secondary and Tertiary disabilities moved to the General tab of the Admin preferences page.
(Source: Michael Buswell, SpEd Forms #DE-1118)