MN June Fixes

On Saturday, June 19th 2021, an update will be posted to all Minnesota SpEd Forms sites. This update includes the following fixes:

1. Applied a change to prevent characters from being entered in the Indirect and Direct minute fields on the Services page.

(Source: Shilo Morlang, Duluth #46943)


1. Made a change to ensure the grade is displayed on the MA student billing

setup when accessed from the 837P batch file results page.

(Source: Sarah Miller, Hopkins Public Schools #47141)

2. Made a change to prevent extraneous times from displaying on activity logs.

(Source: Sandra Denno, Community Of Peace Academy #DE-1597)

3. Made a change to ensure the reconciliation report calculated totals and the federal share when results were displayed.

(Source: Amy Bean, Independent School District 318 #46905)

4. Made a change to ensure the MA setting is editable on the activity log claims line.

(Source: Tracy Helms, Waseca Public Schools #DE-1483)

5. Made a change to ensure the address is applied to the billing setup if bypassing the MA forms menu.

(Source: Carla Cooper, Lakeville Area Schools #DE-1541)


1. Fixed an issue navigating within 504 Forms.

(Source: Kelli Byrnes, SpEd Forms #DE-1549)

Other Forms

1. Titles have been added to admin reports where they were missing.

(Source: Kim Huether, Brainerd School District #45915)

2. The materials and procedures from the Early Intervention PWN: Evaluation and Assessment and Early Intervention PWN: Initial Assessment will now be listed on the Evaluation Tracking Overview menu.

(Source: Wendy Van Batavia, Midwest Special Ed Coop #46778)

3. Made a change to ensure the team members saved on the ECSE Referral for Screening/Evaluation form.

(Source: Ivy Jorgenson, Lake Agassiz Education Cooperative #46917)

4. Made a change to prevent the parent name from being cleared when accessing the Emergency Health Information form.

(Source: Dorothy Eckblad, Goodhue County Education District #47120)


1. Made a change to allow the transfer of history when state student IDs have been modified.

(Source: Lyndsey Paffrath-Bice, Willmar Public Schools #46902)

2. Fixed an issue with the Admin View Student History report.

(Source: Wendi Kruse, Independent School District 318 #46996)

3. Changed the default sort order of the student name on the View student history report.

(Source: Julie Stoneking, Albert Lea Area Schools #47031)

4. Made a change to disallow administrators without the appropriate permissions from deleting records from the View student history report.

(Source: Brittany Thomforde, Minnesota State Academies #DE-1527)


1. Fixed an issue with deleting schools if the name contained an apostrophe.

(Source: Karen Stay, St. Cloud Area School District #46856)

2. Made a change to ensure the grade on the enrollment record is pulled from the student setup.

(source: Sally Wulf, Westonka Public Schools #46866)

3. Applied a change to allow apostrophes and other common characters to be finalized in Form Letter titles.

(Source: Linda Kern, SWWC Service Cooperatives #46939)

4. Enhanced printing to allow for printing of very large services reports.

(Source: Dawn Peterson, Mid-State Education District #47080)

5. Made a change to ensure consistency between the colors of the evaluation date on the student list between versions.

(Source: Heather Guzik, SCRED #47089)

1. Made a change to ensure the address in the MA student billing setup could be edited in v2.0.

(Source: Shilo Morlang, Duluth Public Schools #46666)