MN June Update

On Saturday, June 19th 2021, an update will be posted to all Minnesota SpEd Forms sites. The update will include the changes listed below:


1. Added non-printing red description text to the Comments box on the Transition Services page.

(Source: Jennifer Danielson, North Branch Area Public Schools #24966)

2. The Spanish, Hmong and Somali translations of the IEP have been updated to match the most current IEP.
(Source: SpEd Forms, #46225) 

3. An ESY Only checkbox has been added to the para minutes in the ESY Services form located in the IEP menu.

(Source: Tessa Newby, Buffalo- Hanover- Montrose School #46226)

4. The text editor has been added to the LRE section on the Services page.
(Source: Carole Pankow, So St Paul Public Schools #46889)


1. You will now have the option to create a corresponding trip log once a PCA activity log is finalized. This will default to the same log date, dates of service and 1 trip each from home to school.

(Source: Catherine OReilly, Wayzata Public Schools​ #46027)

2. The view other insurance info link will be removed from the student billing setup if no private insurance data is returned with the prior import.

(Source: Jennifer Bratsch, Lake Agassiz Education Cooperative #46047)

3. Finalization and the electronic signature process has been added to MA activity and trip logs.

(Source: Shane Dennis, SpEd Forms #DE-1402)

4. Multiple provider names, titles and signatures have been added to all log types.

(Source: Cindy Koziolek, Minnesota State Academies #DE-1504)

5. Added a button to insert the private insurance information if the coverage type requires a denial.

(Source: Marilyn Hellweg, SouthWest Metro Intermediate District #46362)

6. Hmong and Somali translations of the MA Release of Information have been added.

(Source: Brenda Marcotte, Willmar Public Schools #46519)


1. Text editor options have been added to 504 Forms.

(Source: Bonnie Barker, Boyceville Community Schools #46880)

2. The Section 504 Complaint Procedure was updated to reflect new addresses at the bottom of the form.

(Source: Dorothy Eckblad, Goodhue County Education District #46929)

Other Forms

1. Search options have been added to the Communication Log.

(Source: Sally Wulf, Westonka Public Schools #46174)

2. A Referral Source dropdown has been added to the Evaluation/Reevaluation Plan PWN and the Evaluation Report.

(Source: Jennifer Davie, Eastern Carver County Schools #46286)

3. The Authorization for Release of Information form was updated to reflect guidance from MDH.

(Source: Renee Hartman, New Prague Area Schools #46571)

4. Made a change to allow additional pick up and drop off addresses to the Emergency Health/Transportation Information form.

(Source: Karen Polyard, Hiawatha Valley Education #46002)

5. Made a change to ensure the materials were added to the correct grid on the Early Intervention Prior Written Notice: Evaluation and Assessment.

(Source: Kim Huether, Brainerd School District #47057)


1. A “Referral Source” quick report has been added for use.

(Source: Jennifer Davie, Eastern Carver County Schools #46286)

2. “Transportation checked Yes on services page (primary parent only)” has been added to admin and educator quick reporting.

(Source: Lori Sandvig, Edina Public Schools #46606)

3. Added a new super administrator MA quick report titled “Exclusion checker”. Super admins with MA records access can view the report for monthly federal and state exclusion matches.

(Source: Allison Burnett, Prior Lake-Savage Area Schools #46712)

4. A new “Evaluation Summary 2020-21 (2) MA Eligible Only” quick report for January, 2021 to June 30, 2021 was added.
(Source: Michelle Lorinser, Minnetonka Public Schools #46873)

5. The provider has been added to the “Logs not on an instructional day” MA quick report.

(Source: Nancy Ellis, Waconia Public Schools #46967)

6. A new “Transition goals and services” quick report is now available.

(Source: Lauren Johnsen, Minnetonka Public Schools #46987)

7. “Summary of Performance forms that have been finalized” has been added as a quick report.

(Source: Heather Guzik, SCRED #46992)

8. A new “AT checked ‘Yes’, ‘More Data Needed’ or ‘No’ on services page (all history)” quick report has been created.
(Source: Lisa Backer, SpEd Forms #DE-1516)


1. In order to continue improving the program we are updating many old menus into a more modern programming language. This month, we’ve updated the GenEd reports menu, MA Trip log and menu, Admin Organization, Admin Coop List, Admin Coop Setup, the Admin District List and the Admin School List.

(Source: SpEd Forms, #DE-1583/DE-1532/DE-1528/DE-1529/DE-1507) 

2. Building MA Provider and District MA Provider admin roles have been added.

(Source: Tonia Czech, SpEd Forms #DE-1474)

3. When a student is 18 a checkbox to indicate that a student has appointed guardian/conservator will be displayed on the student setup. When enabled, all forms will continue to be addressed to the parent/guardian.

(Source: Whitney Swenson, Prior Lake-Savage Area Schools #43891)

4. An admin preference has been added to turn off/on the Staff Debriefing Meeting form.

(Source: Lindsey Pellaton, Meeker and Wright Special Education Cooperative #46341)

5. An admin preference titled “Disable auto-populating dates when adding a new service” has been added.

(Source: Julie Emry, Rosemount- Apple Valley- Eagan Public School #46422)

6. An admin preference has been added to that will limit duplicating attendance entries to the entered instructional day calendar.
(Source: Shannon Nelson, Centennial School District #46464)


1. The PCA plan menu and Add New Student has been converted to v2.0.

(Source: Shane Dennis, SpEd Forms #DE-1558/DE-1204)
2. Made a change to the v2.0 activity log list to indicate “B” (Billed), “F” (Finalized), “S” (Signed), or “V” (Validated) instead of “Y” or “N”.

(Source: Rashelle Weicherding, River Bend Education District #45985)