Frequently Asked Questions

With the start of the school year upon us there are inevitably a lot of questions.  Know that we’re here to help.  We have a variety of resources to assist you within the “Support” section of our website.  On that page you’ll find an Educator Guide for versions 1.0 and 2.0 of our software, a medical billing guide and answers to a variety of frequently asked questions.  

Our staff is diligent about responding to support requests and we’ve noticed that there are a handful of questions that come up frequently.  Here is a quick overview of those frequently asked questions:

  • Log-in issues – Staff may be logging into your server for the first time in a few months.  It’s common that many people go to Google and type in “SpEd Forms log-in.”  Unfortunately, if someone does that they’ll likely get directed to a different school district/co-ops server and their log-in information won’t work.  You’ll notice that once you get to your log-in page, your district/co-op will be listed just above the SpEd Forms logo.  If you could send out your specific server log-in address and ask them to “favorite” that site this will solve that problem.  Plus, also make sure that your staff update and save their email addresses and usernames.
  • Recovering deleted staff – Unfortunately, we are not able to recover information from deleted staff.  We ask that you “disable” an educator should that person leave your district.
  • Merging files with medical records – In March 2017, due to HIPAA law, we made a change to limit the sharing of medical records.  Administrators with the “MA Records” extended permission are the only staff that are able to view and select the “MA” checkbox on the student sharing menu.  Case managers and providers can access MA Forms only for the students that the “Super Administrator” grants them access to.  
  • ESY Progress Report – Once an IEP has been finalized with the goals and objective needs they will pull into the ESY services form.  Then, once an ESY services form has been finalized the goals and objectives will then pull into the ESY progress report.  
  • Merging student history for incoming students – The steps that need to be taken to complete this can be found by clicking here.  
  • Oddities when receiving a student from another server – If a student moved into your district and either you or the site that sent you the file uses a custom list of services, you may see numbers or services that don’t make sense.  You can view the last plan in history and update the working plan with the service that is most applicable.

Finally, we invite you to participate in our “Thursdays at Three” sessions.  Each week our staff and users tackle a different subject with the goal of sharing ideas and ways to improve your knowledge and experience with our software.  For more information about “Thursday’s at Three” please click here.