WI October Fixes

On Saturday, October 2nd 2021, an update will be posted to all Wisconsin SpEd Forms sites. The update will include the fixes listed below:

1. Made a change to ensure the “Remove from list” worked in v2.0.
(Requested by: Lauren Miller, Superior School District #47658)
2. Add goal button is now working correctly.
(Requested by: Gary Lewis, SpEd Forms #DE-1786)

1.  Made a change to ensure the R-1 and IE-1 display on the v2.0 form’s menu.
(Requested by: Bonnie Barker, Boyceville Community Schools #DE-1805)
2. Educator Assessment tracker now shows a stop sign if the assessment or eval is past due or a green check mark when it is completed, Educator assessment tracker is red if the eval or assessment tracker is past due or turns green when it is completed
(Requested by: Michael Buswell, SpEd Forms #DE-1756)

1. The dates returned by quick reports are now sortable and filterable.
(Requested by: Julie Emry, Valley-Eagan Public Schools #47689)
2. “Search” button showing on the Combined report print page has been removed.
(Requested by: NdielI Wisdom, SpEd Forms #DE-1793)
3. The Admin Overview (students overdue) report returning excess students has been corrected.
(Requested by: Marla Pierskalla, St Cloud Area School #47440)
1. Terms now save as they should in school setup.
(Requested by: Mark Oehrlein, SpEd Forms #DE-1831)
2. Educator Profile no longer displays an error in v2.0.
(Requested by: Lauren Miller, Superior School District #47519)
3. The form letter category drop down was removed.
(Requested by: Susan O’Connor-Meyer, St Cloud Area School District #47395)

1.  Removed menu buttons that were displayed twice on the View student history report.
(Requested by:  Angelica Rieck, SpEd Forms #DE-1893)
2. Student ID number has been enhanced and issue on Student ID creating a duplicate account has been fixed.
(Requested by Erin Wanat, Indigo Education #47819)
3. The status end will no longer be set when remotely picking up a student record.
(Requested by: Nicola Ciurro, Escuela Verde #47765)
4. Made a change to the drop downs so that when multiple selections are inserted, they will be placed under a new line instead of next to each other.
(Requested by: Jennifer Butts, Zumbro Education District #47553)