WI October Updates

On Saturday, October 2nd 2021, an update will be posted to all Wisconsin SpEd Forms sites. This update includes the following updates:
1. Goals for Social/Emotional Learning standards have been updated.

(Requested by: Gary Lewis, SpEd Forms #47570)

ER Forms
1.  Determination of Disability Category templates have been updated as directed by DPI. 

(Requested by: Diane McCarron, SpEd Forms #DE-1740.)

504 Forms
1. For users with the 504 Teacher role type, the student list will now display the 504 plan date.
(Requested by: Krystal DeGraw, Brooklyn Center Community Schools #47672)

Other forms
1. Text editing tools have been added to the Record of a Team Meeting form.

(Requested by: Bonnie Barker, Boyceville Community Schools #47609)
2. Transportation Coordinator has been added to the role choices at the bottom of the Emergency Health/Transportation Information form.
(Requested by Scott Masten, Lake Agassiz Education Cooperative #47615)

1.  The student’s current grade has been added to the Student sharing report.

(Requested by: David Thomas, White Bear Lake #47400)
2. A new super admin report has been added, Bulk delete MA logs.

(Requested by: Marilyn Hellweg, SouthWest Metro Intermediate District #DE-1759)
3. Admin Grade Rollover Report results are now showing from the newest to the oldest.

(Source: Kelli Byrnes, SpEd Forms #DE-1737)
4. Two new sort by drop downs were added to the Admin Teacher Workload Analysis report.

(Requested by: Angela Lund, Waseca Public Schools #45843)
5. A quick report titled “Notice of Transfer of Parent Rights form finalization dates” is available.
(Requested by: Lauren Johnsen, Minnetonka Public Schools #47923)

MA Forms
1.  Drop downs have been to the “Directions about PCA and QP communications with the child’s and youth’s primary teacher, IEP teachers, and parent or guardian” and “Backup staffing plan to meet the needs of the child” text areas on the PCA plan of care.
(Requested by: Wanda Lane, Brainerd School District #47195)
2. Claims that do not have a description will no longer be allowed to be selected and sent in the 837P X12 batch file.
(Requested by: Susan Solander, Shakopee Public Schools #DE-1777)
3. When ‘time study’ is selected on the PCA log, the start/end times are no longer editable.

(Requested by: Michelle Lorinser, Minnetonka Public Schools #DE-1758)
4. On the Admin reporting MA we have added a new PCA provider list setup. This will be used for a future PCA supervision form.

(Requested by: Dellynne Monson, SWWC Service Cooperatives #DE-1751)
5. We have made a change to prevent the trip log from being finalized if the MA setting on the student billing setup is selected as home.

(Requested by: Dellynne Monson, SWWC Service Cooperatives #47127)
6. Added a preference to “Only allow Administrators to reactivate finalized or signed logs.”

(Requested by: Tonia Czech, SpEd Forms #DE-1712)

Version 2.0
1. The ability to use the search at the top of the page will now include acronyms, IEP, ER, PWN, CLP, BIP, PBSP and FBA.
(Requested by: Mark Oehrlein, SpEd Forms #DE-1881)

1.  Admin student search default drop down will display select for all drop downs.
(Requested by: Wanda Lane, Brainerd School District #47506 )
2. In order to continue improving the program we are updating many old menus into a more modern programming language. The last two months, we’ve updated the Admin students search, Active student count, Caseload/Access, Services, Duplicate students, Disability count, View student history, Admin Educators list, Team meetings in the next 90 days, Admin Eval/assessment tools, and the Educator Eval/Assessment tools. These are background changes only.
(Requested by: Michael Buswell, SpEd Forms, DE-1890, 1883, 1882, 1848, 1838, 1823, 1819, 1763, 1733, 1716)
3. A “Default landing page” has been added to the Settings on the Educator profile.

(Requested by: Diane McCarron, SpEd Forms #DE-1778)
4. Administrators will now be able to create cooperative, district and server-wide goal banks.
(Requested by Kelli Byrnes, SpEd Forms #DE-1656)
5. Administrators will now be able to create templates for the Present Levels of Performance (PLAAFP) page of the IEP.  This option can be found under Admin Organization.
(Requested by David Thomas, White Bear Lake Area School District #47292)
6. In preparation for electronic signatures, we are enabling the e-signature option in Admin / Organization/ Preferences.  Please do not change the settings until we release guidance on their use.

(Requested by: SpEd Forms #DE-1699/#DE-1700)