MN February Fixes

On Saturday, February 5th, 2022, an update will be posted to all Minnesota SpEd Forms sites. This update includes the following fixes:


1. The IEP menu will be updated to show the correct last finalization date.

(Requested by Cassandra Gohman, SWWC Service Cooperatives #49132)


1. Updated the Service Duration dropdown.

(Requested by Lisa Backer, SpEd Forms #48991)

2. IFSP finalization date no longer shows that the IEP was also finalized on the same date.

(Requested by: Jacky Mergner, Lake Agassiz Education Cooperative #48971)


1. Removed a duplicate support button on the Create/edit claim transmission menu.

(Requested by: Lauren Henderson, Monticello Public Schools #49095)

2. A change was made to display the trip logs as defined by the search criteria.

(Requested by: Sarah Miller, Hopkins Public Schools #48901)

3. Federal crime statement now prints as it should, and also prints above the signature line.

(Requested by Tonia Czech, SpEd Forms #DE-2229)

4. A change was made to ensure any students with missing information are not included in the eligibility file.

(Requested by: Dellynne Monson, SWWC Service Cooperatives #49018)

Other Forms

1. Made a change to ensure the child specific paraprofessional support services print only those as determined by the ESY only and Not applicable to ESY checkboxes on the ESY service form.

(Requested by: Marla Pierskalla, St. Cloud Area School District #49051)

2. Updated the date field in the Manifestation Determination form to be editable

(Requested by: Marcy Ager, Bloomington Public Schools #48955)


1. Made a change to accommodate the plan type search filter on the Workload Analysis report.

(Requested by: Jennifer Robak, St Cloud Area School District #49072)

2. Corrected the Combined report to run as it should when the sort order of Service start date is applied.

(Requested by: Peggy Soll, Bloomington Public Schools #48120)

3. Made a change to allow the educator workload report to be searched by the district.

(Requested by: Sandy Karels, SWWC Service Cooperatives #48891)

1. Made a change to use the grade options selected on the admin organization drop down list when entering instructional days.

(Requested by: Shilo Morlang, Duluth Public Schools #48952)


1. Made a change to disallow the finalization of an activity log in when there is a negative total time.

(Requested by: Catherine O’Reilly, Wayzata Public Schools, #48977)

2. Newly finalized IEPs now show properly on v2.0 IEP Menu.

(Requested by Michael Buswell, SpEd Forms #DE-2222)