MN March Updates

On Saturday, March 5th, 2022, an update will be posted to all Minnesota SpEd Forms sites. The update will include the changes listed below:

1. Updated the Children Potentially Eligible Under Part B folder on the IFSP forms menu.
(Requested by: Lisa Backer, SpEd Forms #DE-2299)

2. An IFSP Snapshot has been created.
(Requested by: Jackie Skelly,  IASC Special Education Cooperative #47909)

MA Forms

1. Services with a rate of $0.00 will display an invalid rate warning and will be prevented from being selected on the 837P claim transmission file.
(Requested by: Tonia Czech, SpEd Forms #DE-2126)

2. A change was made to allow up to eight providers to be assigned to an activity log.

(Requested by: Karen Stay, St. Cloud Area School District #48726)

3. Adding a new activity will now takes you to the activity that was just created.

(Requested by: Karen Stay, St. Cloud Area School District #48649)

4. Made a change to accommodate multiple trip adjustments on the reconciliation report.

(Requested by: Michelle Lorinser, Minnetonka Public Schools #48658)

5. Made a change to default “Autofill times in this log” when the provider’s default service is set to physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, mental health or nursing.

(Requested by: Michelle Nelson, Osseo Area Schools #48912)

Other Forms

1. Wording on the Early Intervention Prior Written Notice: Dismissal and Early Intervention Prior Written Notice: to Start or Revise an IFSP has been updated.

(Requested by: Linda Potts, Independent School District 199 #46858)

2. District assessments will now be alphabetized after being sorted by category.

(Requested by: Bryan Schmidt: Rochester Public Schools #48662)

1. A new quick report titled “Transition comments” has been added.
(Requested by: Sally Wulf, Westonka Public Schools #49220)

2. “Transition courses” has been added to available quick reports.

(Requested by: Rashelle Weicherding, River Bend Education District #49316)

3. An admin quick report titled “SIS (Imported) Enrollment Record Discrepancies Dates and End codes” is available.

(Requested by: Karen Stay, St. Cloud Area School District #49161)


1. 504 Notice of Transfer of Parent Rights, 504 Denial of Section 504 Evaluation, IFSP Family Assessment Survey – Fillable, 504 Plan Notice of Discontinuation, IFSP Transition Planning,IFSP Child Outcomes Summary, IFSP Signature Page, IFSP Summary of your Part C Procedural Safeguards, and the IFSP Menu has been converted to v2.0.

(Requested by SpEd Forms: #DE-2310, #DE-2311, #DE-2312, #DE-2303, #-DE-2293, #DE-2279, #DE-2281, #DE-2137, #DE-2101)

2. MA, 504 and RtI dashboards have been created. They are only available in version 2.0. If you do not own a module, you will not see that specific dashboard.

(Requested by: SpEd Forms, #DE-2205, #DE-2283, #DE-2301)

3. Changes were made to the trip log and print page to be more consistent with the DHS model log.

(Requested by: Tonia Czech, SpEd Forms #DE-2045)


1. In order to continue improving the program we are updating many old menus into a more modern programming language. This month we updated Custom Reports, Instructional Days Calendar, History and MA reporting- Health plans.

(Requested by: SpEd Forms, #DE-2150,  #DE-2230, #DE-2169, #DE-2172, #DE-2168, #DE-2167)

2. In preparation for electronic signatures, we are enabling preferences in Admin / Organization/ Preferences.  Please do not change the settings until we release guidance on their use.

(Requested by: SpEd Forms #DE-1699/#DE-1700)