WI June Fixes

On Saturday, June 11th 2022, an update will be posted to all Wisconsin SpEd Forms sites. The update will include the fixes listed below:

504 Forms
1. Made a change to eliminate white space printing after the header on some section 504 plans.
(Requested by: Denise Halter, St. Michael-Albertville Public Schools #49904)
MA Forms
1. When using v2.0 of the trip log the sign option will immediately be available after finalizing.
(Requested by: Lauren Henderson, Monticello Public Schools #49981)
2. A change was made to ensure the district and service are not cleared when updating the setting on the activity log.
(Requested by: Karen Stay, St Cloud Area School District #50001)
3. A change was made to eliminate an invalid rate error on the 837P results page.
(Requested by: Miki Abeler, Spring Lake Park Schools #50005)
4. Made a change to prevent the description on the activity log from being inserted twice.
(Requested by: Kelly Poppler, Belle Plaine Public Schools #49901)
5. Made a change to ensure the documentation method can be selected immediately after the service is set to PCA.
(Requested by: Pam Sullivan, NE Metro Intermediate #49880)

Other Forms
1. Communication log displaying a fatal error has been corrected.
(Requested by: Lisa Backer, SpEd Forms #50147)
2. Made a change to prevent the creation of a cooperative user account when no cooperative has been added.
(Requested by: Amanda Lee, South Washington County Schools #49752)
3. Link to the ICD-10 code instructions was updated.
(Requested by: Rose Krick, Alexandria Public Schools #49689)