MN November Updates

On Saturday, November 5th, 2022, an update will be posted to all Minnesota SpEd Forms sites. The update will include the changes listed below:

1. Testing accommodations under the ACCESS for ELLS section have been updated.
(Requested by: Michelle Cuka, Prior Lake-Savage Area Schools #51564)

1. Instrument field on the IFSP eligibility page has been converted to a dropdown (#240).

(Requested by: Krystal DeGraw, Brooklyn Center Community Schools #51136)

1. A search option to find all students except those that are eligible has been added to the Create eligibility transmission (270) report.
(Requested by: Bill Underwood, Anoka-Hennepin School District #51168)
2. Made a change to immediately direct the user to the new ICD10 code when it is created.
(Requested by: SpEd Forms #DE-3114)
3. The reconciliation and total amount paid report federal percentage amount has been updated to 56.99% for claims paid 10/1/2022 and later.
(Requested by: Lauren Henderson, Monticello Public Schools #51601)

1. The newest versions of the Enderle-Serverson transition scales have been added to our available tests. The updated tests, now simply called Transition Rating Scales (TRS) come in three versions: TRS 1.0 (for learners with mild disabilities), TRS 2.0 (for learners with moderate to significant needs for support) and TRS 3.0 (for learners with pervasive and long-term needs for support). There are two templates for each version of the TRS, one with the scoring grid and one without.
(Requested by: Gary Lewis, SpEd Forms #51562)
Other forms and logs
1. The District representative field has also been added to the Record of Team meeting.
(Requested by: Tanya Syvertson, ASEC #51540)
2. Significant changes were made to the ECSE Child Outcomes Summary Form.
(Requested by: SpEd Forms ECSE Advisory Group, #51361)

1. Created a COSF EHDI data 2022-23 quick report to properly collect information from the finalized copy of the EHDI Information form.
(Requested by: SpEd Forms #DE-3094)
2. Created a MA super admin only quick report to display provider default services.
(Requested by: SpEd Forms, #DE-3117)
3. Revised the Admin attendance summary report search screen.
(Requested by: Lisa Backer, SpEd Forms #DE-3102)
4. Added a new “Seclusion Report 2022-23” admin quick report.
(Requested by: Christina Welper, Winona Area Public Schools #51609)
1. Just-in-Time guidance has been added to the IFSP Child Information page-interim IFSP checkbox . This is a version 2.0 addition only.
(Requested by: Lisa Backer, SpEd Forms #DE-3123)
2. Updated the formatting of the justification section of the IFSP services page.
(Requested by: Lisa Backer, SpEd Forms #DE-3119)
3. Made a change to immediately direct the user to the new time study when it is created.
(Requested by: SpEd Forms #DE-3112)
4. The Google Translate option has been added to the PWN/Consent and the Notice of a Team Meeting.
(Requested by: Jodi Bresnahan, Bloomington Public Schools #51153)
5. Parent contact information was added to the printed and finalized version of the Individualized Health Plan and Emergency Care Plan.
(Requested by: Bill Underwood, Anoka-Hennepin School District #51339)
6. Conditional save confirmation warnings added when leaving pages in v2.0.
(Requested by: SpEd Forms, #DE-3038)

1. Updated the print page of the Notice of team meeting.
(Requested by: SpEd Forms #DE-3135)

1. Updated the delete student process on the Admin Students screen to prevent any timeout errors.
(Requested by: SpEd Forms, #DE-3040)
2. The educator permission titled “District contact (tuition agreements)” has been moved to the district setup screen.
(Requested by: SpEd Forms, #DE-3097)