MN April Updates

On Saturday, April 1st, 2023, an update will be posted to all Minnesota SpEd Forms sites. The update will include the changes listed below:

1. The ESY services entered on the IEP Services page will no longer be editable on the ESY Services form. They will need to updated on the IEP Services page.
(Requested by: Bill Underwood, Anoka-Hennepin School District #51849)
2. If a child service choice from dropdown #87 was selected on the IEP services page, it will populate over to the ESY Services form.
(Requested by: Theresa O’Donnell, Lionsgate Academy #51262)
3. The ability for administrators to create templates for the Additional information page of the IEP was added. This can be found under Admin Organization. Created templates can then be inserted into the Additional Information page.
(Requested by: Carole Pankow, So. St Paul Public Schools #52424)

1. Test of Auditory Processing Skills – 4th Edition and Piers-Harris Self-Concept Scale – 3rd Edition were both added to the available SpEd Forms tests.
(Requested by: SpEd Forms #53000)

1. Made a change in v2 to ensure the ICD-10 code attaches to trip logs as soon as one is created.
(Requested by: Kari Saarloos, Anoka-Hennepin School District #52551)

1. The plan page has been updated to update navigation (prev/next) buttons, the navigation breadcrumb trail, and fixes to the print/finalization process. Text fields now also use rich text.
(Requested by: Bill Underwood, Anoka-Hennepin School District #53001)
2. A text box for MTSS goal has been added to admin Intervention template setup.
(Requested by: Bill Underwood, Anoka-Hennepin School District #DE-3601)

Other forms and logs
1. Updated the language of page 2 procedural safeguards within all Part C PWNS.
(Requested by: SpEd Forms #DE-3643)
2. Updated the signature line on the Prior Written Notice Parental Consent Form.
(Requested by: SpEd Forms Advisory Group #53065)
3. A Clear Form button has been added to the Early Intervention PWN to Start or Revise an IFSP.
(Requested by: Carole Pankow, So St Paul Public Schools #51428)
4. A general comments box was added to the Referral review and assessment determination form.
(Requested by: Jen Butts, Zumbro Education District #48106)

1. A new MA Quick report titled “Direct service claim descriptions” was added.
(Requested by: Tara Goebel, South Washington County Schools #52479)
2. Updated the View student history report to include the PCA evaluation form as a history type.
(Requested by: SpEd Forms #DE-3674)
3. A searchable admin report titled “Login tracking” report has been created.
(Requested by: SpEd Forms #DE-3561)
4. “Emergency Health Information finalized 2022-23″ report” has been added to available admin quick reports.
(Requested by: Bill Underwood, Anoka-Hennepin School District #52992)
5. The informed consent effective date has been added to the consent tracking MA quick report.
(Requested by: Nancy Grams, Marshall Public Schools SR #52951)
6. Finalization date column has been added to ESY Determination quick report.
(Requested by: Bill Underwood, Anoka-Hennepin School District #53285)
7. Added a District ID column to the “Time Studies” MA quick report.
(Requested by: Dellynne Monson, SWWC Service Cooperatives #53129)
8. Added drop down #87, which shows extended services information, to the ESY Services report.
(Requested by: Bill Underwood, Anoka-Hennepin School District #53233)
9. A draft column has been added to “Students with finalized Manifestation Determination forms” quick report.
(Requested by: Marla Pierskalla, St. Cloud Area School District #53090)
10. The Admin students results page will show the date of a finalized “Notice of Agreement that a 3 Year Reevaluation is Not Needed” if within the three year time period.
(Requested by: Emma Christenson, Fergus Falls Area Special Education Coop #51652)
11. A new “Parent Document Sharing” quick report has been added to show what documents have been shared with parents.
(Requested by: SpEd Forms #DE-3588)
12. “District Admin Contacts (Statewide)” quick report was renamed to: “District remote transfer contacts (Statewide)” for clarity purposes.
(Requested by: SpEd Forms #DE-3707)
13. “Providers without services” and “Providers with Services” were added to MA searchable reports. Providers will need a default MA service on their educator setup and have their provider ID added to the service on the service plan.
(Requested by: Tara Goebel, South Washington County Schools #53211)
14. “Age on ER date” and” Birthdate” columns have been added to Evaluation Summary 2022-23 Quick report.
(Requested by: Michelle Chuka, Prior Lake-Savage Area Schools #53071)
15. A new tool that can be found under admin reporting titled “School mover” was added. Admin users with access to the grade rollover function can now search for students in a specific district, school & grade and move those selected to another building. We have created a YouTube tutorial video to help you get started using this brand new feature:

1. The Evaluation/Reevaluation Plan Prior Written Notice, Special Education Data Sheet, Team Override and Review of Existing Data have all been converted to v2.
(Requested by: SpEd Forms #DE-3579, #DE-3632, #DE-3596, #DE-3595)
2. When uploading files to History, users can now select a form date for an uploaded document.
(Requested by: Shari Mensink, Owatonna Public Schools #51695)
3. Made a change to the PCA evaluation form in v2 to allow multiple finalizations per date.
(Requested by Kari Saarloos, Anoka-Hennepin School District #53474)
4. The ability to add comments after a document has been finalized has been added to v2.
(Requested by: Amanda Lee, South Washington County Schools #52133)

1. Added a function to signed documents in history that allows a user to see the signature history and electronic signature audit trail of each signer.
(Requested by: SpEd Forms #DE-3637)
2. Plan manager will now only be pulled into forms from what is chosen in Student Sharing.
(Requested by: SpEd Forms #DE-3641)
3. An admin preference was added to trigger an email when a 504 Notice of discontinuation is finalized.
(Requested by: Renee Hartman, New Prague Area Schools #52250)
4. A full text editing tool was added to admin PLAAFP templates.
(Requested by: SpEd Forms #DE-3644)
5. A new dropdown titled “Grade-level” was created to be associated with goals in the goal bank.
(Requested by: SpEd Forms #48188)
6. Changes were made to the remote pickup process. The ignore button has been renamed to decline. Users will now also receive a confirmation message when clicking decline to ensure they do not want to pick up the student record.
.(Requested by: Emily Knutson, Stewartville Public School #52822)


We have made some changes to the Support Request entry page to increase effective communication between districts and the SpEd Forms Customer Service team. In addition, the support request entry page was converted to version 2.0. This will help us help you faster and more efficiently!