WI July Fixes

On Saturday, July 8th, 2023, an update will be posted to all Wisconsin SpEd Forms sites. The update will include the fixes listed below:


1. A change was made to ensure margins on the IEP print accurately when a Draft copy is printed. 

(Requested by: Lauren Miller, Superior School District #54000)

2. Made a change to display the IEP Meeting and Amended Date at the top of each page on the IEP.

(Requested by Lauren Miller, Superior School District #54146)

3. Data entered for “Range” and “Minutes Total” on the I-11 Extended School Year form, section III, titled “Related Services Needed to Benefit from Special Education” will now be retained after saving.

(Requested by: Lauren Miller, Superior School District #54152)


1. Margins at the bottom printed pages in the Evaluation report have been adjusted.

(Requested by: Konnie Beck, Worthington Schools #53869)


1. The functionality of the “Include page numbers” checkbox on the finalization page of all forms has been improved so that when it is unchecked, the page numbers on the form are now hidden upon finalizing.

(Requested by: Linda Freemark, Prior Lake-Savage Area Schools #53877)

2. Made a change so that when the separate households feature is activated on a student’s setup page, the printed working copies will not display page numbers at the bottom when printing both parents’ copies of the form. However, if you finalize the form, you can still print separate forms for each parent with page numbers included.

(Requested by: Rachel Kamm, Mankato Area Public Schools #54393)