MN October Fixes

On Saturday, October 7th, 2023, an update will be posted to all Minnesota SpEd Forms sites. The update will include the fixes listed below:


1. Updated the ability to save the Number sessions and Session length within the IEP goals section of the ESY Services form. 

(Requested by: Rieger Viche, Duluth Public Schools #56710)

2. Updated Part C Prior Written Notices to print on fewer pages. 

(Requested by: Karrie Taylor, Park Rapids ISD #56797)

3. A change was made to allow more than 250 characters in the service list child dropdown.

(Requested by: Jennifer Krueger, Roseville Schools #57238 )

4. A link on IEP goals page has been fixed.

(Requested by: Sheri Willrodt, Austin Public Schools #57283)


1. Made a change to ensure the IFSP validates correctly from Part C.

(Requested by: Lauren Johnsen, Minnetonka Public Schools #57357)


1. Fixed local test templates to ensure the student’s name replaces CHLD when inserted into the Evaluation Report.

(Requested by: Kandice Voigt, Benton Stearns Education Programs #56694)

2. Made a change to ensure accurate table sizing when inserting a local or test template.

(Requested by: Julia Salzman, Rochester Public Schools #56944)

Other forms and logs

1. Made a change to ensure the options provided to parents are accurate when they electronically sign the Early Intervention Prior Written Notice to start or revise an IFSP.

(Requested by: Bill Underwood, Anoka-Hennepin School District #56908)

2.Use of Restrictive Procedure forms have been revised to accurately represent the student’s federal setting.

(Requested by: Megan Endresen, Columbia Heights School District #57108)

3. Made a change to ensure users can add new enrollment records as expected.

(Requested by: Kim Holt, Detroit Lakes Public School District #57087)


1. Made a change to allow the Parent access report to grant access to parents with a single letter email domain.

(Requested by: Annette Hardt, Burnsville Public School District #57233)

2. The “Students with Amended IEPs” report has been updated to correctly show the student’s last finalized date.

(Requested by: Jaime Burnside, Cambridge-Isanti Schools #57457)


1. Updated drop down formatting in v2.

(Requested by: Katie Mikla, Hastings Public Schools #56810)


1. Fixed the MA Service drop down within Admin educator setup to allow a service to be saved.

(Requested by: Katie Wilder, Mounds View Public Schools #56691)

2. A change was made to allow files to be selected for upload when using v1.

(Requested by: Sarah Soetanto, Eagle Ridge Academy #DE-4172)

3. Made a change to the transfer process to query history items separately. 

(Requested by: Sue Lewis, Fergus Falls Area Special Education Cooperative #54195)

4. Made a change to ensure the account set to send exited students to is able to be set by admin users as expected.

(Requested by: Karen Stay, St. Cloud Public Schools #57261)