MN November Fixes

On Saturday, November 4th, 2023, an update will be posted to all Minnesota SpEd Forms sites. The update will include the fixes listed below:


1. Made a change to allow navigation to goals in other languages in v2.
(Requested by: Heather Bergstrom, Independent School District 192 #57700)
2. Made a change to ensure the save warning displays when navigating between goals.
(Requested by: Carole Pankow, St. Paul Public Schools #57714)
3. The ESY checkbox has been added to the IEP goal objectives.
(Requested by: Katie Wilder, Mounds View Public Schools #57696)
4. Made a change to ensure the preference to show the special transportation statement printed as well as the transportation explanation if entered.
(Requested by: Angela Drange, White Bear Lake Area School District #57768)
5. Service page 2 paraprofessional text areas have been fixed to show as expected on the print page.
(Requested by: Shannon Ritt, Richfield Public Schools #57815)
6. Made a change to the Goals section of the IEP to ensure data displays when measuring goals and objectives.
(Requested by: Kim Huether, Brainerd School District #57817)
7. Made a change to ensure the IEP validates properly.
(Requested by: Katie Wilder, Mounds View Public Schools #57886)


1. Made a change to ensure evaluation notes are included when duplicating an evaluation activity log.
(Requested by: Tara Goebel, South Washington County Schools #57795)
2. Made a change to ensure CTSS activity logs do not display in a student’s History folder when the Admin organizational preference “Show MA logs in History” is turned off.
(Requested by: Cori Weems, Cannon Valley Special Education Cooperative #57963)


1. Made a fix to ensure the IFSP Stand-alone periodic review form saves correctly.
(Requested by: Jennifer Krueger, Roseville Schools, #57958



1. Updated the signature section of the Medical documentation: AD/HD form.
(Requested by: Angie Augedahl, Hiawatha Valley Education #52470)


1. Fixed MA searchable report “Service minutes and group.”
(Requested by: Kris Jurgensen, Goodhue County Education District #57859)


1. Made a change to allow the v2 special transportation text to display properly.
(Requested by: Cari Grenier, Freshwater Education District #57646)
2. Made a fix to the v2 IEP finalization page to link to the correct page.
(Requested by: Bill Underwood, Anoka-Hennepin School District #57664)


1. Made a change to allow providers to display in the team selector list.
(Requested by: Dani Langowski, Twin Cities Academy #57670)
2. Made a change to ensure MA provider roles were not able to designate medical history.
(Requested by: Catherine O’Reilly, Wayzata Public Schools #57732)