MN December Fixes

On Saturday, December 2nd, 2023, an update will be posted to all Minnesota SpEd Forms sites. The update will include the fixes listed below:

1. Made a change to the IEP validation warning to display which user is not shared with the student properly. 

(Requested by: Heather Guzik, St. Croix River Education District #58156)

2. Made a change to the ESY services page to ensure that the para services checkbox prints the correct data.

(Requested by: Terri Cairns, Rosemount-Apple Valley-Eagan Public Schools #58244)

3. The plan manager field has been removed from the ESY Services and Positive Behavior Support Plan (PBSP) forms within the finalized IEP. 

(Requested by: Jennifer Krueger, Roseville Schools #58224)

4. In the list of finalized plans found on the Progress report page, IEPs finalized as “draft” are now labed as such. 

(Requested by: Marla Pierskalla, St. Cloud Public Schools, #58241)

5. Made a change to increase the text limit for IEP Spanish assessment page 1, reading, writing, listening and speaking text areas.

(Requested by: Katie Wilder, Mounds View Public Schools #58121)

6. Made a change to the IEP services pages 1 and 2 to correctly display the calculated minutes when the page is saved. 

(Requested by: SpEd Forms #DE-4520)


1 Made a change to ensure that the 504 plan – Monitoring of medications field saves as expected when more than 250 characters are entered.

(Requested by: Carter Squires, SWWC Service Cooperatives #58395)


1. Made a change to the MA searchable report “Providers without services” to ensure the report checks service start and end dates. 

(Requested by: Tara Goebel, South Washington County Schools #58050)

2. Updated the MA quick links to ensure the PCA plans link takes you to the new working PCA plan form.

(Requested by: Emma Christenson, Fergus Falls Area Special Education Cooperative #58310)

3. Updated the 835 Import process to be able to handle much larger import files.

(Requested by: Sue Peterson, Rosemount-Apple Valley-Eagan Public Schools #58215)

Other forms and logs

1. Made a change to ensure the Use of Restrictive Procedures: Physical Holding form prints accurately.

(Requested by: Jennifer Davie, Eastern Carver County Schools #58234)


1. Made a change to ensure the IEP Services pages load as expected. 

(Requested by: Paula Turnquist, New London-Spicer School District #24902)

2. Made a fix to ensure the evaluation report page break function inserts as expected.

(Requested by:  Shannon Proulx, Esko School District #57904)

3. Made a change to convert PLAAFP and Least restrictive environment (LRE) text editors to a full rich text editor.

(Requested by: Kim Wakal, Burnsville Public School District #58243)


1. Made a change to ensure the sharing/transfer page works as anticipated.

(Requested by: Bill Underwood, Anoka-Hennepin School District #58125)