Getting started - administrators

This 5 hour training is designed for users who have an “Admin”  SpEd Forms account. Training is limited to 20 participants, each with a computer connected to the internet.


Topics covered include:

  • Browser support, logging in and the Main Menu
  • Setting up their User profile (menu item 1)
  • The Admin Overview
  • Setting user administration and permissions
  • District/School Setup
  • Customizing drop down menus
  • Creating local  templates
  • Customizing System Preferences
  • User defined Searchable Reports
    • Student List
    • Combined Report
    • Services
    • Teacher Workload Analysis
    • Student Sharing
    • Student History
  • Using Quick Reports
    • MCA Accommodations
    • ESY Services
    • Status overviews
    • Restrictive procedures
    • Finalization checklist
  • How to pick up students when there is a duplicate ID
  • How to delete from History
  • Setting up a school Calendar
  • Super Admin functions
  • Educator and Administration Guides
  • How to submit a Support Request