Email 9/07/2013: September Update

On September 7th, 2013 an update will be posted to all monthly SpEd Forms sites. This update will include the changes detailed below:

1. Using the “View Student History” report has been updated to allow all multiple history records to
be transferred.
(Source: Brian Yuretich, 6076: Northland Learning Center #20162)
Individualized Education Program
1. Form guidance for the IEP, IFSP, ER, and Notice of a Team Meeting has been updated.
(Source: Gary Lewis, 0659: Northfield Public Schools #21948)
MA Forms
1. The Request for Medical Orders has been removed from the student menu.
(Source: Martha Ritter, 0991: SWWC Service Cooperatives #21050)
2. The “MA Parental Consent” has been updated to reflect recent MDE changes.
(Source: Wanda Lane, 0181: Brainerd School District #21949)
1. A report titled “Transportation Checked Yes – All History” has been added to the “Quick” reports.
(Source: Lynn Pykkonen, 0091: Barnum School District #21868)
Restrictive Procedures
1. Language regarding property damage has been removed from the Physical Holding, Prone
Restraint, and Seclusion forms.
(Source: Gary Lewis, Northfield Public Schools #22016)