Email 11/29/18: December update delay

SpEd Forms Users:

Instead of doing our monthly update on the first Saturday of the month, we will be delaying our December update until Saturday, December 8. We are making this delay to give ourselves an extra week to finalize and test the MDE model Prior Written Notice, Parent Consent and Evaluation Report forms. We will continue to make the existing PWN and Consent forms available through the remainder of this school year – until then, Directors will have the option of continuing to use the current forms, or switch over to the new MDE model forms. On July 1, we will eliminate the current PWN and Parent Consent forms, and only have the newer MDE model forms available.

Directors’ will also have the option of choosing to use the existing SpEd Forms ER layout, or the new MDE model ER layout. Both layouts contain the exactly the same information. However, the MDE model ER re-arranges the sections within the ER, placing the Summary and Eligibility Determination sections near the beginning of the document, rather than at the conclusion.

We’ll provide additional information about these changes prior to their release on December 8.

Gary Lewis, Ed.D.