Documenting Distance Learning Correspondence

From the MDE: 

SpEd Forms has many tools designed to make the due process and documentation work easier for case managers and service providers. One such tool is the SpEd Forms Communication Log, which allows you to quickly and easily document correspondence between the school and parents. 

This tool is especially useful for districts that are currently developing plans to employ distance learning. Families may have questions about how to complete distance learning, or may need extra guidance as they prepare for an adjusted educational format. It can be useful to document this correspondence.

How to use the Communication Log:

  1. Choose the desired student from the list of students you serve.
  3. Click: Communication Log
    1. If you have completed other logs you will see them in a list now.  
    2. You can edit or delete any of the logs from this screen.
    3. You can print the list of log entries by clicking on the print icon.
  4. Click: NEW ENTRY
  5. A box comes up with your name, date, time, contact method and boxes to document the reason for contacting the person and notes from the conversation.    
  6. After completing the form click “Save.”

Extra tip:

Below the NEW ENTRY is a link to Parent/Guardian Information. Clicking on that link will show you a list of parent information including all phone numbers and email addresses that were listed in the student’s setup.  

District educators and administrators can learn about additional tools and processes in the SpEd Forms Support Center.