Individualized Distance Learning Plan

SpEd Forms Users,

We have good news!

We have worked with our Advisory Committee, Special Education Directors from across the state and with Christian Shafer from Ratwik, Roszak & Maloney, PA to create an Individualized Distance Learning Plan to be used during this time of mandated distance learning. The form is now available for your use.

Your SpEd Forms Super Administrator will need to enable the form in order for it to be visible for your staff. Go to:

Admin organization
Service Plans tab
Check “Enable Individualized Distance Learning Plan”
Click Save
Once the form has been enabled, it should appear on the student forms page directly under the IEP section.

The form will auto-fill with some student information from the working IEP. The form will not change anything in the student’s current IEP or Setup page. The form can then be finalized and saved in history, but there is no “validation” of the form required.

In addition to this form we have added sample language addressing the Individualized Distance Learning Plan to the PWN dropdowns. The language was provided by Rupp, Anderson, Squires & Waldspurger, PA.

We hope this new plan will be helpful to you and your staff. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.