WI October Update

On Saturday, October 3rd 2020, an update will be posted to all Wisconsin SpEd Forms sites. The update will include the updates listed below:

1. Restricted the frequency entry field to be numeric only.
(Source: Lauren Miller, Superior School Districts SR#44772)
2. The I-5 will pull the goals and objectives from the selected finalized plans.
(Source: Beth Fechtelkotter, Superior School District SR#44675)
3. Added the ability to select individual pages when finalizing the service plan.
(Source: Lauren Miller, Superior School Districts SR#44580)

1. Added a quick report, “Secondary Disabilities” to list any students with multiple disabilities..
(Source: Chareese Morris, Milwaukee Academy of Science SR#44864)

1. Added an email address search field to the Admin Educator entry screen.
(Source: Kelli Byrnes, SpEd Forms DE-751)