New Part C Prior Written Notice Documents

Hello SpEd Forms users,

We have an important announcement for you today. 

On February 7, 2021, new Part C Prior Written Notice (PWN) documents will be released and the existing Part C notice documents will no longer be available. (View the full notice here.)

Incomplete Part C PWNs and Part C PWNs that have not been finalized will be lost. Please communicate this change to all Part C service coordinators/providers. 

Why are new Part C PWN documents being released?

Part C notices are required in 34 CFR 303.420-421 to be “written in language understandable to the general public.” This also makes the forms more accessible and family-friendly.

The new Part C PWNs will also:

  • Provide situationally-specific versions of the PWN to effectively support practitioners to achieve full compliance
  • Ensure that each consent form is aligned to the purpose of the PWN that it accompanies
  • Incorporate drop-down lists rather than relying on default text as an efficient option.  SpEd Forms has received multiple support requests to incorporate drop-down lists so districts can develop and automate the use of preferred language across district practitioners

Are there any other changes being made?

Yes. Changes have also been made to the location of important documents within the forms menu that appears when IFSP is selected as a student’s plan including the addition of three new folders. The changes are:

  • Part C PWNs are located within the Prior Written Notice: Part C folder
  • The folder,  Referral and Evaluation,  includes relevant documents other than the PWNs including a newly formatted version of the Family Outcome Survey
  • The new Family Assessment Survey includes only Side A and instructions for family no longer indicate additional questions on a second side
  • Two new folders have been developed that contain documents to support the transition from Part C

How can I learn more?

Join the SpEd Forms staff on our February 11th Thursday at Three meeting to participate in a Q and A session on these changes. Register here:  

If you have questions you want to make sure are addressed, please send your questions to Lisa Backer: