MN March Update

On Saturday, March 6th 2021, an update will be posted to all Minnesota SpEd Forms sites. The update will include the changes listed below:


1. The IEP Services List dropdown has been updated for clarity regarding Service Coordination. 

(Source: Jennifer Davie, Eastern Carver County Schools #43956)

2. If the Behavior Intervention Plan and/or Positive Behavior Support Plan has been selected on the services page of the IEP, the BIP and/or PBSP will be included when printing or finalizing the IEP Snapshot.

(Source: Michelle Bishop, Austin Public School #44401)

3. A goal category titled “Math Standards” has been added.

(Source: Gary Lewis, SpEd Forms #45775)

4. Separate dropdowns for the Listening, Speaking, and Writing categories on the State Assessments for English Language Proficiency Accountability (ACCESS) section have been added.

(Source: Judy Doran, Eden Prairie ISD #45923)

5. Updated the Math dropdown for MCA Accommodations under the State Assessments For Accountability section.

(Source: Susan Flicek, Bemidji Area Schools #46295)


1. The IFSP Services List dropdown has been updated.  This change emphasizes family coaching as an evidence-based service. 

(Source: Molli Kook, Winona Area Public Schools #45199)


1. Gilliam Autism Rating Scale Third Edition – GARS-3 has been added for use.

(Source: Emma Christenson, Fergus Falls Public School District #46265)


1. If a teacher’s role is a 504 teacher, the “Meeting date” column on the student list has been replaced with “504 date” and special education icons have been removed.

(Source: Mary Acosta, Stillwater Area #45243)

2. Spanish, Hmong and Somali translations of the 504 Notice of Parent/Student Rights form have been added.

(Source: David Thomas, White Bear Lake Area School District #46015)


1. The PCA Plan of Care will be updated with formatting changes.

(Source: Cindy Koziolek, Minnesota State Academies #44230)

2. PCA Plan Menu has been renamed to PCA Plans.

(Source: Shane Dennis, SpEd Forms #DE-1275)

3. An extended permission to “Delete activity logs” has been added to providers assigned an administrative role. This must be enabled in order to delete MA logs. If you recently gave them the option to “Delete student records” to delete logs, they will no longer be able to do so.

(Source: Wanda Lane, Brainerd School District #45887)

Other Forms

1. The enrollment screen, used most often within ECSE, now includes a field to identify a change in transportation as a reason to create a new enrollment record.  An associated dropdown list was added.

(Source: Lisa Backer, SpEd Forms #44645)

2. Added the team member selection icon on the Communication Log to insert the contact and phone number.

(Source: Beth Fechtelkotter, Superior #45416)

3. A text editor option has been added to the Summary of Performance form

(Source: Carole Pankow, 0006 So St Paul Public School #45952)

4. A Part C Notice of a Team Meeting form has been created.

(Source: Julie Schroeder, SWWC Service Cooperatives #46006)

5. Section 9 on the ECSE Referral for Screening/Evaluation has been updated to accurately document situations where the 45-day timeline does not apply.

(Source: Lisa Backer, SpEd Forms #46038)

6. The Eval/Assessments table will not be included on the printed and finalized copy when the table is left empty on the Evaluation/Reevaluation Plan PWN.

(Source: Tara Haase, Chisago Lakes School District #46072)

7. Contact information for The Arc Minnesota has been updated on all forms.

(Source: Duane Borgeson, Moorhead Area Public Schools #46153) 

8. Record of a Team Meeting has been added to the Service Plan section for Part C students.

(Source: Terri Cairns, Rosemount-Apple Valley-Eagan Public Schools #46157)

9. The Explanation dropdown on the Evaluation/Reevaluation Plan Prior Written Notice has been updated. 

(Source: Lindsey Pellaton, Meeker and Wright Special Education Cooperative #46180)


1. A checkbox to show all services by all providers has been added to the Educator Attendance detail report.

(Source: Mary Acosta, Stillwater Area Schools, #38527)

2. An Early Intervention Prior Written Notice: Screening form has been added to the available blank forms in pdf format. 

(Source: Carole Pankow, So St Paul Public School #45952)

3. The student’s birth date has been added to the “IEP Plan Specifications – Due Dates” quick report.

(Source: Amy Peterson, Elk River Area Schools #46108)

4. A “Three Year Eval Not Needed Forms” quick report is available to both educators and administrators.

(Source: Shannon Proulx, Esko School District #46164)

5. A new admin quick report titled “Students added in the last 30 days” has been added.

(Source: Melissa Rose, Hiawatha Valley Education District #46303)


1. Add New Student,  Administrative Eval/assessment tools entry and Find/request student have all been converted to SpEd Forms 2.0.

(Source: Shane Dennis, SpEd Forms DE-1203, DE-1204, DE-1257)

2. A sort option for the form date has been added to the 2.0 version of the history menu.

(Source: Sheila Domstrand, Lakeville Area Schools #42809)

3. The educator student list will retain the last sort order selected in SpEd Forms 2.0.

(Source: Beth Fechtelkotter, Superior School District SR# 45846)


1. The admin preference allowing educators to delete items in History within a timeframe has extended to sixty days.

(Source: Terri Cairns, Rosemount-Apple Valley-Eagan Public Schools #45643)

2. A new dropdown for the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) Explanation has been added.
(Source: Renee Hartman, New Prague Area Schools #45901)