Administrators Encouraged to Start the Transition to SpEd Forms 2.0

We are always making changes to SpEd Forms’ products to make it easier to create and fill out the forms you need. Last year, we began the rollout of SpEd Forms v 2.0, the updated look for SpEd Forms’ software. The organization and content is largely the same, but pages are being updated one by one to look more contemporary and user-friendly.

SpEd Forms v 2.0 is now available as an option for users to enable in “Educator Setup” under “Profile.” Here are our current recommendations for who should start using SpEd Forms 2.0:

  • Administrators should train new users on SpEd Forms v 2.0 to avoid hassle later.
  • Power users should use SpEd Forms v 2.0 so they can help their district decide when the right time is to switch versions.
  • MA Forms providers should start using SpEd Forms v 2.0 now because the new activity log interface is much easier to use and is formatted to work on small mobile devices.  

Why should I switch over to Version 2.0? 

SpEd Forms 2.0 not only has a fresh, modern look, but also new functionalities and enhancements that don’t exist in v 1.0. 

For example, SpEd Forms v 2.0 has improved mobile compatibility, meaning users can do tasks like attendance and enrollment using their mobile device from the classroom or home. 

Now is a great time to start exploring v 2.0 and getting familiar with its functionalities, especially Directors who may be introducing SpEd Forms to new staff in coming years. 

How are you improving SpEd Forms v 2.0?

We’re continuing to make updates and improvements to SpEd Forms v 2.0 in response to user feedback. We’ve also improved our content according to Web Accessibility Content Guidelines so that users with disabilities can better access the program. 

How can I learn more about using SpEd Forms v 2.0?

Over the past year, we have produced these resources to guide you through using SpEd Forms v 2.0. 

If you have any feedback about how the new version is working for you, we’d love to hear it! Please reach out to us with questions/comments through the support request system.

Please note: It is not required to move over to SpEd Forms v 2.0 immediately. We anticipate SpEd Forms v 1.0 to remain available for several years so that our users can slowly make the adjustment.