WI July Fixes

On Saturday, July 10th 2021, an update will be posted to all Wisconsin SpEd Forms sites. The update will include the fixes listed below:

1. Made a change on the Extended School Year (I-11) form to ensure the correct drop downs were displayed for each service area.
(Source: Tonia Czech, SpEd Forms #DE-1637)

1. Grade rollover report has been updated to allow the new grades to load correctly.
(Requested by: Angelica Rieck, SpEd Forms #DE-1635)

Other Forms
1. A page break in the Release of information page has been removed.
(Requested by: Karen Anderson, ISD 192 #47197)

1. Made a change to ensure the educator setup sub menu displays all options.
(Source: Tonia Czech, SpEd Forms DE-1628)
2. Made a change to ensure the correct school specific grade drop down is being displayed.
(Requested by: Mark Inouye, Prescott School District #47189)