MN November Fixes

On Saturday, November 6th, 2021, an update will be posted to all Minnesota SpEd Forms sites. This update includes the following fixes:

1. Corrected an issue on the printed Spanish IEP.

(Requested by: Samantha Clark, Hiawatha Valley Education #48082)

2. Removed programming text from the Goals page.

(Requested by: Karen Anderson, Farmington Area Public Schools #48215)

3. Corrected a navigation issue on the Progress Report

(Requested by: Kelli Rayl, North St. Paul-Maplewood-Oakdale #48403)


1. Made a change to ensure the 504 Parents/Students Rights form is visible when the preference is enabled.

(Reported by: Krystal DeGraw, Brooklyn Center Community Schools #48055)


1. Made a change to ensure the district and school on the MA billing setup for district administrators are correct.

(Requested by: Kristie Weinkauf, Pipestone Area Schools #48334)

2. Made a change to notify the administrator that medical records are attached when a student deletion fails.

(Requested by: Kim Huether, Brainerd School District #48111)

3. Made a change to allow the safeguards to display on the student’s MA Form menu if the preference to show the language on the notice of a team meeting was removed.

(Requested by: Sheila Kent, White Bear Lake Area School District #47975)

Other Forms

1. Corrected the numbers in the order column of the Conciliation Conference Memorandum.

(Requested by: Kori Ryan, Indigo Education #48372)

2. Corrected a formatting issue in the BIP when printing and finalizing

(Requested by: Dana Thompson, Burnsville Public School District #48383)

3. Fixed an issue with editing a dropdown on the Prior Written Notice/Consent form.

(Requested by: Kari Peterson, DaVinci Academy of Arts & Science #DE-2024)


1. IEPs with Child Specific Para Support Checked quick report now produces results.

(Requested by: Jennifer Davie, Eastern Carver County Schools #48322)

2. Made a change to the Student Sharing report.

(Requested by: Katie Roiger, Yellow Medicine East School #48284)

3. A change was made to the Student sharing report to ensure the results were restricted by the search criteria.

(Requested by: Tiffany Giovanni, Rosemount-Apple Valley-Eagan Public Schools #48132)

4. Teacher Workload Analysis Report results updated.

(Requested by Michele Bedor, Eastern Carver County Schools #48110)

5. Made a correction to the Student sharing report to pull the full caseload of educators.

(Requested by: Michelle Nelson, Osseo Area Schools #48102)

6. Show student school id in the student search window preference now works as it should

(Requested by: Sue Scully, Shakopee Public Schools #48053)

7. Student sharing report has been corrected to appropriately assign the case manager.

(Requested by: Sue Lewis, Fergus Falls Area Special Education Cooperative #47970)

8. Made a change so that the Student Sharing report did not produce an error when searching by team member.

(Requested: Michelle Nelson, Osseo Area Schools #DE-1927)

1. PLAAFP Template no longer inserts “test” at the end of the title.

(Requested by Karrie Taylor, Park Rapids ISD #48329)

2. Removed the finalized draft Evaluation/ Reevaluation PWN from pulling into the assessment tracker.

(Requested by: Susan O’Connor-Meyer, St Cloud Area School District #47786)

3. Made a change to ensure the ID of the student does not update when picking up a remote transfer.

(Requested by: Karen Stay, St Cloud Area School District  #48140)

4. Text box has been added to the PLAAFP template setup.

(Requested by: Kelly Anderson, Metro Deaf School #48027)

5. Added Edit and MA back to the student Sharing/Transfer columns

(Requested by: Sue Scully, Shakopee Public Schools #48024)

6. Added the Switch Student button back to the student Sharing/Transfer page.

(Requested by: Lauren Henderson, Monticello Public Schools #48083)

7. Server category dropdowns have been corrected.

(Requested by: Sandy Karels, SWWC Service Cooperatives #48004)

8. Remote transfer student now shows the name correctly.

(Requested by: Lauren Johnsen, Minnetonka Public Schools #48014)