MN December Fixes

On Saturday, December 4th, 2021, an update will be posted to all Minnesota SpEd Forms sites. This update includes the following fixes:


1. Made a correction to the navigation process on the Progress Report

(Requested by: Janea Mitchell, Wayzata Public Schools #48527)

2. Adjusted a textbox issue on the Transition Services 2 page.

(Requested by: Heather Guzik, St. Croix River Education District #48392)

3. Made a change to accommodate quotes pasted from another source into the objectives and inserted into the progress report.

(Requested by: Kira Rosekrans, Sartell-St. Stephen School District #48492)


1. Made a change to ensure that when a new child and family outcome is added, the outcome is immediately visible.

(Requested by: Claire Lightfoot, Jordan Public Schools #48366)


1. Ensured the district 504 Coordinator will autocomplete the 504 Parent/Student Rights form when the server preference is enabled.

(Requested by: Julie Emry, Rosemount-Apple Valley-Eagan Public Schools #48524)

2. Made a change to ensure the page break feature on the 504 plan works as it should.

(Requested by: Robin Bloom, Bloomington Public Schools #48473)


1. Allowed reactivation for PCA plans finalized before the signature process was enabled.

(Requested by: Wanda Lane, Brainerd School District #48648)

Other Forms

1. An error message will display indicating the text limit and why the page cannot be saved on the Agreement to Amend contact method text area.

(Requested by: Megan Heller, Southern Plains Education Cooperative #48575)

2. Changing the MARRS ID no longer affects enrollment records.

(Requested by Shilo Morlang, Duluth Public Schools, #48485)


1. Corrected an issue when assigning case manager and edit rights using the admin student sharing report.

(Requested by: Nancy Ellis, Waconia Public Schools #48563)

2. Fixed the educator combined report displays results.

(Requested by: Tammy Knutson, Elk River Area Schools #48482)

3. Adjusted the display results for the admin combined report.
(Requested by: Wanda Lane, Brainerd School District #48652)

1. Fixed an issue when creating a new educator account.
(Requested by: Wanda Lane, Brainerd School District #48566)

2. Ensure that CHLD was properly inserting the student’s name in PLAAFP templates.

(Requested by: Sarah Mittelstadt, Southern Plains Education Cooperative #48460)

1. Made a change ensuring the goals from the finalized IEP displayed correctly on the CLP.

(Requested by: Millie Pottsmith, Cambridge-Isanti Schools #48462)