WI April Updates

On Saturday, April 2nd 2022, an update will be posted to all Wisconsin SpEd Forms sites. This update includes the following updates:
1.Team Meeting Cover Page (I-3) was not working well on Chrome, the text area on the bottom of the page has been reformatted for compatibility.
(Requested by: Lauren Miller, Superior School District #49414)
504 Forms
1. Rich text editor has been added to the 504 Plan eligibility determination section.

(Requested by: Bryan Schmidt, Rochester Public Schools #49384)
2. “Initial” has been removed from 504 Parental Consent, “Initial Evaluation” and “Reevaluation radio buttons have been added to the Form”

(Requested by: Nicole Woodward, St. Croix River Education District #49246)

Other forms
1. Suffix will be included on the form print page.

(Requested by: Paula Erickson, Hopkins Public Schools #49113)
2. Added the ability to sort by the column headers on the educator assessment tracker.

(Requested by: Bryan Schmidt, Rochester Public Schools #49142)

1. Total sum of the “Total minutes” has been added to the Teacher Workload Analysis.

(Requested by: Megan Heller, Southern Plains Education Cooperative #49327)
2. Made a change to limit the results to displaying 1,000 students on the student sharing report to eliminate performance issues.

(Requested by: Michelle Nelson, Osseo Area Schools #49411)
3. Staff ID has been added to Combined Report’s export.

(Requested by: Patty Geary, Faribault Public Schools #49157)

1. Student pickup notifications have been moved to the educator profile icon.
(Requested by: Shane Dennis, SpEd Forms #DE-2388)
2. Educator service report, MA student setup, 

In order to continue improving the program we are updating many old menus into a more modern programming language. This month we updated the Educator Service report and the MA student setup.

(Requested by: SpEd Forms, #DE-2315, #DE-2369, #DE-2368, #DE-2309)