MN August Updates

On Saturday, August 13th 2022, an update will be posted to all Minnesota SpEd Forms sites. This update includes the following changes:

1. If a user has turned off the BSP, BIP or PBSP in admin preferences, it will be completely removed from the IEP print/finalize selection list.
(Requested by: Bill Underwood, Anoka-Hennepin School District #50417)

1. The average daily minutes from finalized time studies will display on PCA logs within the start and end dates when the documentation method of time study is selected.
(Requested by: Tara Goebel, South Washington County Schools #DE-2824)
2. A new district preference has been added, “Use ICD10 codes not assigned to a specific service on all MA logs.” Before turning this preference on please contact SpEd Forms.
(Requested by: Bill Underwood, Anoka-Hennepin School District #50532)
3. 837P results page will display the charge from the AUC fax cover page.
(Requested by: Wanda Lane, Brainerd School District #50438)
4. Removed the telemedicine and telephonic default services.
(Requested by: SpEd Forms #DE-2813)
5. Made a change to only show data files on the import eligibility menu.
(Requested by: SpEd Forms #DE-2808)
6. An MA dashboard filter to show all students in which “I have MA access” has been added.
(Requested by: Kathleen Schultz, Waconia Public Schools #49914)
7. An asterisk will be placed on the “B*” indicator if not all of the log lines on the log have been billed in v2.0. Hovering over the “B*” will let you know how many of the total lines were billed.
(Requested by: Lauren Henderson, Monticello Public Schools #50195)
1. Updated wording on finalization to properly reflect an ISP.
(Requested by: Katie Wilder, Mounds View Public Schools #50493)
1. Meeting date has been added to the “No finalized progress report in last year” quick report.
(Requested by: Michelle Cuka, Eastern Carver County Schools #50243)
2. A Three Year Eval Not Needed column was added to the “Finalization Checklist” quick report.
(Requested by: Wendy Van Batavia, Midwest Special Ed Coop #50248)
3. The grade has been added to the “Students without enrollment records 2021-22” quick report.
(Requested by: Katie Roiger, Yellow Medicine East Schools #50285)
4. Created “Seclusion report” to replace the no longer valid “Seclusion Cut Paste To MDE Spreadsheet” quick report.
(Requested by: MN SpEd Forms Advisory Committee #49387)
5. The attendance summary report and attendance detail report both should display zero for direct and indirect minutes when the MARSS special ed eval status is 2 for grade level EC students.
(Requested by: Dawn Peterson, Mid-State Ed District #50034)
6. A new admin GenEd report titled “Pending enrollment records” has been added.
(Requested by: SpEd Forms, #DE-2621)
7. Additional columns and services were added to the “MA – Service detail” quick report.
(Requested by: Shannon Proulx, Esko School District #49740)

1. 504 dashboard was added to the default landing page options under Educator profile in v2.0.
(Requested by: Jennie Sorenson, Mounds View Public Schools #49108)
2. IFSP – Student Information, Confirmation of Conciliation Conference, Communication Log, Emergency Health/Transportation Information, Due Process Hearing Request, Manifest Determination, Communication Plan D/HH, Service Log, Student Acknowledgement and Tuition Agreement, Alternative Behavior Intervention Plan, Notice of a Team Meeting – Part B, MTSS Progress, Record of a Team Meeting, Prior Written Notice/Parental Consent – Part B, IFSP – Team Members, Student Setup, Shared Activity/Service log and Authorization for Release of Information have all converted to v2.0.
(Requested by: SpEd Forms, #DE-2816, #DE-2803, #DE-2738, #DE-2747, #DE-2768, #DE-2746, #DE-2767, #DE-2701, #DE-2737, #DE-2745, #DE-2700, #DE-2712, #DE-2692, #DE-2699, #DE-2693, #DE-2677, #DE-2773, #DE-2770, #DE-2771)

1. A new admin preference was added to be able to turn off printing parent information on the IEP, ISP and IFSP.
(Requested by: SpEd Forms #DE-2800)
2. The term disabled users has been renamed to deactivated users throughout the program.
(Requested by: Kelli Byrnes, SpEd Forms #DE-2717)

To further protect you and your data, we will no longer allow Microsoft Office documents, including Word and Excel documents, to be uploaded to a student’s history or in a support request. Office documents can contain macros that can spread viruses and other malware. We took this step to prevent the spread of viruses and malware and protect you and all our customers.