MN May Updates

On Saturday, May 4th, 2024, an update will be posted to all Minnesota SpEd Forms sites. The update will include the changes listed below:


1. The trip log has been simplified to include only one set of trip text boxes and the instructions for trip just-in-time guidance were updated.

(Requested by: Tara Goebel, South Washington County Schools #DE-4985)

Other forms and logs

1. Augmentative communication consent has been moved to Blank Forms in PDF Format. 

(Requested by: Cara Samuelson, Mankato Area Public Schools #59974)



1. Zip code has been added to the Authorization for Release of Information form found under Blank Forms in PDF Format.

(Requested by: Julia Salzman, Rochester Public Schools #59607)

2. The last finalized ‘Notice of Agreement that a 3 Year Reevaluation is Not Needed’ form date will now appear on the downloadable results of the Admin Students report.

(Requested by: Barb Erickson, Columbia Heights School District #59549)

3. Additional information was added to the “Students 2 1/4 turning 3” quick report.

(Requested by: Zach Selnes, Hiawatha Valley Education District #59411)


1. The attendance page has been enhanced by removing the weekly accordions, populating the page to the last attendance date in the month and adding monthly navigation, a bulk delete option and alternating background colors for attendance entries. Thank you to the educators who took part in our workgroup!

(Requested by: SpEd Forms Attendance workgroup #DE-4925, #DE-4926, #DE-4924 and #DE-4971)



1. A new feature has been added for super administrators to set default preferences when adding new educators with the SpEd Teacher role.

(Requested by: Emma Christenson, Fergus Falls Area Special Education Cooperative #59592)


We know how busy you all are, especially as the school year comes to a close.  Out of respect for that, we will not have any updates in June.  We wish you all the best as you finalize this school year.