Health Forms

Simply powerful health plans software

SpEd Forms makes it easier for nurses and medical professionals to share information with staff that have a need to know about a child’s health plan.  The three most important features of SpEd forms have always been simplicity, reliability and power.

Key features

Reports include:

  • Emergency Care Plan:



            Emergency Actions – Do

            Emergency Actions – Don’t 

  • Individualized Health Plan


            Medical Diagnosis

            Nursing Diagnosis

            Nursing Goals

            Nursing Interventions

            Nursing Outcomes

  • External documents (e.g., medical reports) can be scanned and uploaded into SpEd Forms
  • Forms can be electronically archived as pdf files for future reference
  • Customizable drop down menus
  • Students can be shared within district
  • Extensive library of emergency actions, interventions, goals and health related outcomes