SpEd Forms

Simply powerful special education software

SpEd Forms has been making it easier for teachers to complete special education due process paperwork and for administrators to have up-to-the minute access to special education data in a cost-effective manner since 1993. Every year more school districts discover the value of using SpEd Forms. The three most important features of SpEd Forms have always been simplicity, reliability and power.


To remain compliant, school districts need forms and templates that are updated each time compliance requirements change. SISs are unable to keep pace with these changes. Districts using SIS IEPs fall out of compliance, often for months, waiting for due process forms to be updated. SpEd Forms updates forms and templates as soon as new information becomes available.


Being out of compliance costs your school district. SpEd Forms helps ensure your district stays in compliance.


SpEd Forms provides users with the information they need to work efficiently and effectively. For example: SpEd Forms alerts IEP Managers before an annual IEP or reevaluation is due; assessment staff can print a list of all upcoming reevaluations in a building or district; principals can check timeline compliance within their buildings; testing coordinators can generate a list of all students who require accommodations; transportation personnel can quickly identify all students requiring special transportation; administrators can examine current teacher and related staff workloads; and special education administrators can identify all students who require ESY services. In addition to the numerous reports built-into SpEd Forms, districts can easily design their own custom reports to meet their unique needs.


Sped Forms provides the data you need to make informed decisions.

Data exchange

The main advantage of IEP software that comes with a Student Information System (SIS) is that when a student’s special education program changes, that information is automatically updated in the student database. That advantage disappears when districts choose to import key data elements from their SIS into SpEd Forms, and export data from SpEd Forms that their local IT staff can upload into the district SIS.


Exchanging data saves staff time and effort, and ensures both systems are accurate and up-to-date.

Statewide student sharing

When a student moves from one SpEd Forms district to another, a copy of the complete SpEd Forms student record can be sent electronically to the new district. The sending district saves the time and expense of duplicating and mailing the special education file, while the receiving district has immediate access to the information needed to begin serving the student appropriately and doesn’t have to re-enter student information into their system.

Today’s families are on the move. SpEd Forms moves with them.

Key features

For Special Educators
  • Service plans
    • Individual Family Service Plan
    • Individualized Education Program
    • Individualized Distance Learning Plan
    • Contingency Learning Plan
  • All commonly used due process forms
  • Electronic translation of the Notice of Team Meeting and Prior Written Notice forms into Spanish, Hmong and Somali
  • External documents (e.g.,medical reports) can be scanned and uploaded into SpEd Forms
  • Electronic archiving of key documents in pdf format for future reference
  • WYSIWYG forms interface
  • Built-in validation for the IEP
  • Customizable drop down menus
  • Student sharing:
    • within district
    • within cooperatives and education districts
    • with outside agencies (IIIP)
  • Electronically transfer the entire special education file to any other SpEd Forms district in WI or MN
  • Built-in English/Spanish spell check
  • Extensive goal and objectives library including goals based on academic and alternative English/Language Arts and Mathematics standards
  • Disability specific Evaluation Report templates
  • Flowcharts to help teams determine eligibility for ESY services and the need for nonacademic and extracurricular supports
  • Extensive special education test library
For Administrators
  • Immediate access to any student record
  • Service plan validation
  • Customizable district-wide evaluation templates
  • State data collection
  • IEP service data collection
  • Dozens of built-in reports including:
    • State data management tools
    • services reports
    • teacher and related services staff workload analysis
    • user access summaries
    • time line monitoring
  • Custom report writing interface
  • Run SQL statements to extract or modify data
  • Data can be imported and exported between SpEd Forms and most popular student information systems
  • Directly report state special education data using Ed Fi
  • SpEd Forms support system

Each year, school districts dissatisfied with the complexity, lack of customer support and inability of their SIS IEP to keep pace with ever changing special education requirements have turned to SpEd Forms. The time and frustration saved using SpEd Forms far outweighs its cost. Many districts report that the financial savings and increased revenues from using MA Forms for one month covers the total annual cost of switching to SpEd Forms.