How do I create an MA trip log?

The trip log menu shows no more than 20 logs by default. You can change this number and then press “Enter”. It will default back to 20 the next time you login.

Working with trip logs

  1. Navigate to the MA Forms menu.
  2. Click the “Trip Logs” link.

Clicking on B, F or S will describe their meaning:
B indicates one or more log lines has been billed.
F indicates the log has been finalized.
S indicates the log has been signed by the supervisor.

  • You can duplicate any number of trip lines by typing in a number in the “Duplicate for (number of days)” box and clicking on the “Duplicate” button (if the box is left blank only one log will be duplicated).
  • You can delete any of the trip lines before they are billed by clicking the “Delete” button next to the trip you want to delete.

Create a new trip log

  1. Navigate to the MA Forms menu.
  2. Click the “Trip Logs” link.
  3. On the trip log menu, click on the “New Trip Log” button.
  4. Click the “Add Trip” button.
  5. Change the “Date of Service” to the actual date the service was provided.
  6. Click the “More details »” link.
  7. Enter the number of trips to and from school.
  8. Select the Type of trip from the list box.
  9. Enter a description in the text field.
  10. Click the “Save and close window” button when you are finished.
  11. Click the “Save” button in the Trip log page.
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