How do I manage measures?

Any administrator can enter commonly used measures into the measures bank. These measures can be used to keep track of and graph the progress of any goal objective.

Managing global measures

  1. Navigate to the Administration Menu.
  2. Click on the “Organization” button.
  3. Click the “Measures” link.
  4. Add new measures by entering the “Name” and “Max Score” of each measure.
  5. Click the “Save”button.
  6. Edit existing measures by making the necessary changes and then clicking the “Save” button.
  • Remove measures by putting a check in the “Remove” check box next to the measure, then click “Save”.

A Super Administrator can edit any measure entered by another Super Administrator. These measures will show up for all users. A District Administrator's entries, on the other hand, can only be edited by other District Administrators within that District and will only show up for users within that district. Cooperative and School Administrator's entries work in a similar fashion but are limited to their administrative level.

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