How do I setup a district for MA?

District/Super Administrators Only

In order to use the MA Forms, you must have the optional MA Forms module installed for your district.

MA District Setup

  1. Click “Go to…Admin reporting”.
  2. Click on the “MA Forms” tab to open the MA Reports menu.

  • District Administrators will go directly to their district's MA Reports menu. Super Administrators and Super MA Billing Clerks will need to select/change the district they want to work with if they maintain multiple districts.
  • The zip code must be the nine digit zip code and cannot contain any hyphens or dashes. The billing phone number cannot contain any spaces or special characters. The address cannot contain any special characters. These are requirements for X12 Compliancy.

Initial Setup

All of the District/Provider Information on the District Setup screen must be completed before batch files can be uploaded to MN-ITS. MA Services and their billing rates must be completed before Service Providers can create Activity/Trip logs and AT claims.

  1. Navigate to “Admin Reporting”, “MA Forms” menu.
  2. Click on the “District setup” link.
  3. In the District Billing Setup screen, follow the “Format:” examples (if noted) to complete all fields that are listed (all must be completed for X12 Compliant Batch files to be accepted).
  4. Click the “Save” button.
  5. Don't forget to setup the billing rates.
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