How do I set system preferences?

Super Administrators only

There are many preferences available in the “Preferences” page. The text box at the top of the page can be used to display a message to all SpEd Forms users when they first login to SpEd Forms. This message (if used) will be displayed only once, immediately after a user logs in.

  • You can change any of the customizations listed on this page and deselect forms that you do not want to show up on the Forms Menu.
  • Take the time to review each setting. You'll be surprised at the things you can set to make SpEd Forms work better for you!

Managing system wide preferences

  1. Navigate to the Administration Menu.
  2. Click the “Organization” button.
  3. Click the “Preferences” button.
  4. Make changes to the preferences as needed and/or enable/disable service plans or additional forms by using the check box next to that service plan or additional form.
  5. Click one of the “Save” buttons.
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