How do I import a 271 (X12) response file from DHS into SpEd Forms?

Before importing your 271 X12 response from DHS you will need to retrieve the file from MN-ITS and upload to SpEd Forms.

Some additional setup is required when taking advantage of the 271 X12 import files that are provided by DHS. The process is similar to the 835 X12 import process. See “Utilizing 835 X12 response data from DHS”.

To import your 271 response using the Admin Files feature:

The file will then be processed. This may take some time depending on the number of claims in the import file. If you have already ran this file and you want to run it again, put a check in the “Override previous import” check box at the bottom of the page.

  1. Go to… Admin Reporting. Click the “MA Forms tab”.
  2. From the MA Reports menu, click “Import eligibility response (271)”.
  3. Select the file to import by clicking the radio button next to its name.
  4. Click “Import selected file»”.
  5. Once the claims have been processed, the “MA Eligible” check box will be updated for each record that is imported and TPL information is stored for access in the student's MA Billing Setup.

If the student's MHCP number had not been entered prior to sending the 270 eligibility transmission, you may have to manually set the “MA Eligible” check box in the student's MA Billing Setup.

Search for students that are eligible

Once you have successfully imported an eligibility response (271) or have manually set the student's “MA Eligible” checkbox in their MA Billing Setup, you can then search for eligible students using the “Create/edit claims transmissions (837)” search. Simply put a check in the “eligible” checkbox and click Search.

Transfer Folders

You will only need a “transfer folder” to store responses if the file size exceeds 60MB. If you have not already set up a SpEd Forms “transfer folder”, please contact SpEd Forms. If a file is too large to import using the Admin Files feature, you may need to setup secure access to the “transfer folder”.

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