How do I copy and paste from MS Word?

We have simplified the function of pasting data in from MS word and provided tools to remove previous formatting at the same time without having to work with copying and pasting large amounts of text. We've prepared a short video demonstrating this below.

  1. While on your Microsoft Word document, highlight the area you wish to copy, right click on the hightlighted area, and click “Copy”.
  2. (Or, to select everything on your word document to copy, place your cursor anywhere on your document text, click Ctrl-A. This is “Select All”. It will highlight and select everything in your document).
  3. Click Ctrl-C (This is “Copy”. It will copy your selection from Word into a clip board).
  4. Go to SpEd Forms, navigate to the Evaluation Report menu and click on the section you wish to paste your information into.
  5. On the Evaluation Report section that you are pasting your information into, always start on a new blank line. Use the 'Enter' key on your keyboard (not Shift-Enter) to place your cursor on a new line, then continue the paste operation. (Do not paste on existing lines that contain formatting or into cells in a table).
  6. Use Ctrl+V to paste, or Ctrl+Right click to bring up the paste menu.
  7. Format the text as needed, or remove formatting using the Remove Formatting button, demonstrated below. Clearing formatting will no longer remove table borders.

If you need further assistance, please contact your School District's SpEd Forms Administrator.

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