How do I work with services?

Information about the services provided to students can be collected by the school or district administrator. For this information to be accurate, the services and modifications pages need to be filled out in a certain way.

Add a new service

  1. While you are “Working with students”, in the “Forms Menu”, click on “IEP” under Service Plan section.
  2. In the IEP menu click on “Services”.
  3. Click the button labeled “Add Special Education Services”.
  4. A box will appear for your service.

Enter information about the service provided to the student

Whenever possible, select the service from the list of services provided. If you type a service in the “Other” box, the information cannot be collected by your billing person for the purposes of tuition billing. If you need services added to the services menu, contact your SpEd Forms Administrator.

  1. Select the service you are providing from the drop down box or in the box labeled “Other” (if available).
  2. Indicate where the service will be provided by selecting a choice from the “Location” list box.
  3. Use the “Frequency” field to enter the number of times the service will be provided to the student for each period (usually “week”). For example if the student receives the service five times a week, type “5” and select “week”.
  4. Enter the number of direct and indirect minutes per session.
  5. Select the “Anticipated Duration” for which the student will receive the service.
  6. Enter the “Start Date” and “End Date”.
  7. Click the “Save” button.

Indicate service provider

You should indicate the person providing the service. This information can be collected by the special education director and business manager to assist with teacher workload analysis and tuition billing.

To indicate the provider of the service

  1. Click on the “Provider” link.
  2. Then in the popup window, click “Select” next to the provider's name (names will appear in alphabetical order by last name).

Fields on the special education and related services page

  • Service #: This number determines the placement of the service on the printed services page. To re-order services, change the numbers in these boxes.
  • Active: Check this box for services you wish to print. Uncheck for services you wish to keep in SpEd Forms for the purposes of tuition billing but are no longer part of the current IEP.
  • Instruction or service provided: A menu appears here with the list of services provided by your district. Use this menu to select the service being provided to the student.The link for “Federal Setting” will show a list of settings and descriptions for various ages. You will need to close this new window and choose the setting number from the choices in the drop down list box.
  • Provider: Select the name of the person providing the service from the provider menu. This information is used to analyze teacher workloads.
  • Location: Choose a selection from the list to indicate where the service is being provided.
  • Start date: Enter the date this service commences.
  • End date: Enter the date this service ends. This data does not print but is collected on your school services report.
  • Frequency: Enter a number in the left field and select an option from the menu to the right. The anticipated frequency records the number of times the service will be provided per time period. In most cases the period will be “week”.
  • Minutes per session: Enter the number of Indirect and Direct service minutes provided to this student.
  • Anticipated duration: Enter a number in the left field and select an option from the menu to the right.
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