How do I get to the built-in reports?

Built-in Administration Reports

SpEd Forms includes a number of built-in reports designed to meet the most common needs of school districts. To suggest additional reports, please contact us.

The reports in SpEd Forms are only as accurate as the information entered by the teachers and administrators using the program. Please make sure to double check this information with other data to ensure accuracy.

To navigate to the Reports Menu, click the “Reporting” button on the SpEd Forms Administration Menu.

Your Administrative Reports Menu may appear different, depending on your level of access.

There are five tabs that categorize the reports:

  • SpEd Forms is the default
  • GenEd Forms has General Education and MARSS reports
  • MA Forms has Medical Assistance (Third Party Billing) reports
  • Custom has reports made by users in your district, or custom reports written by SpEd Forms for your district
  • Super Admin allows you to import data and search user access activity
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