How do I use the Spell Check?

To check the spelling in a form, click the Spell Check button in the SpEd Forms navigation bar.

Click “Done” to stop. A summary will show the number of words checked/changed. Make sure to “Save” the page after the spell checker has completed.

  • The only fields that will be checked are the text fields and rich text fields. If there are no fields to spell check on the page, a warning box will popup stating that “There are no narrative fields to check”.
  • A new window will appear. If a word is suspected of being misspelled, it will be shown in bold, red text. Correct spelling suggestions will also be shown.
  • If you are working on a Spanish page, you can change the dictionary to Spanish by choosing “Espanol” from the drop down box next to “Dictionary language”.
  • Make sure the correct spelling is highlighted and click on the “Change” or “Change All” button. If you want to skip making changes to that word click on “Ignore Once” or “Ignore All” to skip all words that are spelled the same way.
  • If none of the suggestions are spelled correctly, click on the misspelled word in the top window and make the proper corrections. Click on the “Change” button to set the correction. This word may then be shown as misspelled again in the top window if it is not found in the dictionary. If you want, you can then click the “Add to Dictionary” button to add that word to your personal dictionary.
  • When the spell check is checking grammatical errors, the words will be shown in bold, green text (or just normal text) and the “Ignore All”, “Add to Dictionary”, “Change All” and “AutoCorrect” buttons will be grayed out (unavailable). If you do not want to check or correct grammatical errors, uncheck the “Check grammar” button (sometimes the spell check can be a nuisance by bringing up too many grammar suggestions and single words or number sequences from table data).
  • When misspelled words are being found you can click the “Options…” button to set some of the advanced features. Click on “Reset Personal Dictionary” to clear out any words you have added to the dictionary. Click the “Reset AutoCorrect” to clear the “AutoCorrect” database.
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