How do I send a 270 (X12) eligibility transmission?

  1. Navigate to the “Create eligibility transmission (270)” screen.
  2. Enter your search criteria and click “Search”.
  3. To send all student records listed to check eligibility, place a check mark in “Select all”.
  4. Or, you can select students individually by clicking “Send Claim” on individual lines.
  • If a student record comes up with messages in red, this indicates that something in their MA Billing Setup is not complete. For example “Signature on file / Consent to release private data / MHCP number / MA insurance / MA setting”. If you wish to correct these, click on the student's name to navigate to their MA Billing Setup screen. Incomplete
  • Student records with incomplete setups cannot be selected or sent until corrected.
  • After you have selected the claims you want to send, click “Save Changes”, then “Preview claims”.
  • If the data required by DHS is still found to be incomplete, a warning will be shown at the top of this page. Click on the name to correct any incomplete information. If any information is incomplete, you will not get any eligibility information back from DHS.

When you are certain the file is ready to be created, make sure “Production Mode” is chosen and click the “Process claims»” button.

If “Production Mode” is chosen and you click on “Process claims”, a Transaction ID and Date will be saved. The logs you have chosen will show up as being sent and will no longer be selected. If “Test Mode” is chosen when you create the file, a Transaction ID and Date will not be saved and the logs you have chosen will still be selected.

The first 270 batch file uploaded onto the MN-ITS website (for each district) must be a test file (Test Mode). Before DHS will give you permission to submit this type of file, the test file will have to be approved.

  1. The “Create eligibility batch file” page creates a batch file that you will upload to the MN-ITS website. Click the “click here to download…” link and the file will be saved to your computer.

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