Importing student records when the student ID number is in use

A user may try to “Pick up” (import) a student's records from another SpEd Forms server and get a warning about the student's ID number already being in the system. This can happen when a student transfers away from your district, then returns at a later date. There are several ways to handle the situation:

Don't import the record. In many cases, the records haven't actually changed so the student only needs to be re-activated.

You could update the middle zeros to old in the ID number to keep things clear.

Merge the existing and new records:

  1. Change the Student ID number of the existing record.
  2. Have the case manager “Pick up” the import record.
  3. Have the case manager determine which record should be retained.
  4. Merge the history from the record to be discarded to the retained record.
  5. Delete the record you don't want.
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